Saturday, March 21, 2015

One Year of John's Creative Space

John Marine | 1:00 AM |
"John's Creative Space" is one year old today! One year? That quickly? Wow. Anyhow, JCS has been my outlet of expressing my creative works while also using it to discuss various other media topics. It became the new "red blog" as I ditched one of my past blogs that last was the "red blog"- "John's Shop Space. Funny enough, I still don't think I've really have been able to use and utilize "John's Creative Space." There are still a number of things I haven't yet introduced to JCS that I want to in the future.

I feel that "John's Creative Space" would not have been so visited and respected if I didn't start introducing my voxel artwork, and especially if I didn't mention MagicaVoxel. This blog needed a good amount of time to grow. It was a blog that needed some sort of spark to get going and to evolve. I especially attribute this blog's growth based primarily on people adoring my voxel artwork that I've mostly shared on Facebook and Twitter. I think it was Twitter that got me a good bit more exposure and attention as far as voxel art is concerned. I am always trying to look for new ways to expand my skills and my talents. My only problem, however, is that I am not as productive as I could be. What I could complete in just a few hours can take days to weeks.

My interests shift a lot. As a one-person entity in media, my interests and energies go in a number of directions. I may try out voxel art at one point and then decide to try pixel art. I may concentrate on art and then go towards making music. Also, I want to try to make applications and perhaps even a game. My interests are everywhere. With some people interested in using my material in their projects, I just think you'll have to be patient with me since I'm all over the map in the media realm. I do appreciate the attention I've gotten, especially from credible and loyal people. I will have to try to work better with others in hopes of profiting from my work while also serving the greater good of digital media. So that is the sort of challenge I am taking on mostly as a freelancer.

Thank all of you who have supported and respected my work so far. I hope to make this blog even more successful in the future.

To everyone who found "John's Creative Space" and enjoyed my work, thank you very much. I will try to showcase more of my work as well as also use "John's Creative Space" to express more than just my own creative works. I want this ride to continue and hopefully meet more people who may enjoy my work. Until next time, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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