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My 2nd Voxel People Set

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After making one set of voxel people in MagicaVoxel, I made another set. I figured I'd share with you wonderful people more of my work. What is different about this set is that I made a bunch of characters with no facial features and with a set palette. I started to create characters using an edited palette to have better color options, especially with skin color. So you will get to see this new set and be introduced to each new character I created within this blog post.

--- My 2nd Character Set ---

Here are three views of my latest voxel people creations:

2nd set MagicaVoxel voxel people
^ This new set features the same body as the previous set of characters. However, unlike the previous set of characters, this set features a new head devoid of facial features.

2nd set MagicaVoxel voxel people front
^ Here are all of the characters in this new set from the front in a group picture. The base model used in creating these characters is the one on the far left.

2nd set MagicaVoxel voxel people rear
^ This is a group view of this character set from the rear. The base model used in creating these characters is the one on the far right.

Let me talk about the characters you've noticed in this post.

Creating the Characters.

The new set of characters I created was part of an experiment of having faceless characters. It was kind of the intent to make generic people for various media projects. As an interesting twist, I designed the models to where if they were to talk, you could actually see their mouths open. This is made possible by erasing two different voxels on the lower part of the heads. In addition to these heads not having facial features, this new head design has more realistic heads than the more cartoon-like heads of the previous set of models. There is a bit more realism here. Though there is realism, it is certainly possible one could take the new heads and put them onto the previous set of models for a more realistic head on the previous models.

This new set was actually created as a prototype character I modeled after creating my own Minecraft-style character. I took the resulting character after loads of editing and then practiced making the more realistic heads. I then applied that head to my original model human. This would be the birth of another alternate model.

Purpose of the Characters.

The characters all are to populate a number of scenes which I hope to create in the future. Each character I created is just a standard set of voxel assets I created for which to be used in a variety of media projects. None of these characters have any specific names. In fact, I named them according to the order I created them. That same order explains which character appears before another from left to right. So with this said, you can see I created the woman with the sweater blouse and skirt after I made the girl with the pink scarf.

I tried a number of different style touches to the characters. If the previous set seemed more generic, there is a little more personality to most of the characters I created in this second set of voxel people.

Explaining the Characters.

Now that you've read everything about the creation of these characters, it is now time for me to introduce you to this new set of characters. Each description with each bullet will be a basic introduction of each character I created. The order of each featured character is from left to right. Here is an introduction to each character.

• 1.) Base Model
Nothing special about this character except for the new head. This character has the same outfit as the base model for the first set of characters.

• 2.) Older Woman
Here is an older woman, preferably 40 or older. She wears a baseball T-shirt, cuffed capri jeans, and silvery metallic sandals. This is a blonde-haired woman who wears her hair with a ponytail at the back.

• 3.) Night Out
Here is a character perhaps between the ages of 18-35. She wears a stylish, Cobalt Blue, high-low/mullet dress. Her hair is styled nicely as well.

• 4.) Classy Male
This male character wears a fine suit. He wears a stylish suit jacket along with a stylish button-down shirt. Also worn by him is a classy pair of pants along with some dress shoes. This person is incredibly handsome with his style.

• 5.) Childish Adolescent
This young (at least 18 years old) girl dresses childishly. Her hair has some highlights of light blue and neon pink. She wears a short-sleeve baseball T-shirt, a black tulle skirt with black polka dots, and a tall pair of neon pink sneaker boots. This outfit was designed to be girly and childish.

• 6.) Groovy
This is a Black male wearing a sleeveless shirt and some dark jeans. He has somewhat of an afro as well as a chunky gold necklace with a medallion. He was basically designed to be one cool dude.

• 7.) Preppy Pretty
This girl is perhaps in the age range of 18-25. This is a blonde with short hair and wears a hot pink shrug over a basic white T-shirt. She wears a pair of cuffed, cropped jeans as her bottoms, and they are topped off with a pair of tan boat shoes. It is a cute outfit that is quite comfy.

• 8.) Androgynous Dancer
This unique male is at least 21 years old and wears an outfit that a girl would look appealing in. However, this male with an incredibly feminine body is wearing this unique outfit. He wears a crimson cropped vest over a light blue cropped shirt. His bell bottom white jeans are complimented with a neon pink sash belt. On his wrists are a pair of neon green wrist ties. A pair of honey brown shoes complete the look. This fellow is proud of his looks and his deliciously sweet body that he decided to show it off in this way and wearing an elaborate outfit.

• 9.) Classy Sexy
This woman is based on an actual character I created. Only this character is a generic version of her. The woman is at least 30 years old in age. She wears a fedora hat. Also, she wears a red blouse with a rather deep neckline, a pair of white flared pants, and some dark brown shoes. On her right wrist is a stylish watch.

And that explains each of my characters in this new set. In case you want a complete collection of characters I've created so far, I created this picture:

MagicaVoxel voxel people both sets
^ Both sets of characters in one picture. The latest set is on the bottom in this picture.

You can spot the differences among the characters. Since the characters have the same body model, I could easily work on changing up the first set of people with the heads of the second set. MAYBE I'll do that. Then again, I may just keep everything as is.

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