Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Voxel Character Starter Pack

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My voxel characters made in MagicaVoxel are now offered as a Starter Pack! This one features nine of my first voxel characters. All of them are static models in their raw VOX format. I decided to offer this package online to give people some voxel characters to use for games and other projects. I also want to showcase my voxel art talent to the world by offering this package.

Here is a look at the characters:

Voxel Character Starter Pack
^ from: (my Facebook Fan Page) - The original nine characters I made with my first character pack are now available for download. Get it now!

* base model - wears a white tank top, blue jeans, and black shoes.
* a teenage girl with a bright scarf, black top, and indigo jeans tucked into brown boots.
* a middle-aged woman in a sweater over a blouse, skirt, and pumps.
* a man in an open shirt with a T-shirt underneath and jeans tucked into dark brown boots.
* a young adult lady in a yellow dress and hot pink pumps.
* a Black male in a football jersey, dark blue jeans, and orange lug boots.
* a man in overalls and wears a baseball cap.
* a teenage boy in a varsity jacket, a T-shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes.
* a college-age girl in a sporty tank top, and yoga legging pants tucked into sheepskin boots.

I am looking to rework my regular models and offer some more advanced options for those looking to animate my models. I will keep you posted here on "John's Creative Space" and elsewhere in media. All I want you to know here is that you will now be able to use my original models. If you think you can make better-looking models using my base model, the original VOX models are all concluded as they were from MagicaVoxel.

For More Information...

Want to download this package? Choose to support me on OpenGameArt, Voxel Art Store, or both! Links:

Voxel Character Starter Pack on OpenGameArt
Voxel Character Starter Pack on Voxel Art Store

Please also support me on Patreon. Visit and make a pledge. Your support can help me to provide more content and even gain funding towards performing other projects. Other than that, enjoy! :)

That concludes this blog post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Block Breaking Block Pack

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UPDATED: December 6, 2016)

Recently on @opengameart, I offered my first #gamedev asset. This asset offered is for block breaking fans. Think Breakout or Arkanoid here. I devised a set of blocks that can be used for block breaking games the likes of Breakout or Arkanoid. There are 12 blocks in 25 different color combinations. Each block is pure pixel art- no vectoring, no pre-rendered graphics... just a four-color scheme with dark outlining on the bottom and right sides of each block. Here is a preview of my block breaking game asset:

block breaking Breakout Arkanoid
^ from: (my Facebook fan page) - 25 colors, 12 block packs, one great pack of block breaking game assets.

Here is a look at each of the color combinations (and some rules if you want to use the blocks):

01: red
02: orange
03: yellow
04: green
05: blue
06: violet/purple
07: pink
08: teal
09: aqua blue
10: crimson
11: sky blue
12: lavender
13: white
14: cyan
15: turquoise
16: forest green
17: Game Boy© Green
18: Virtual Boy© Red
19: brown
20: bronze*
21: silver*
22: gold**
23: sunset
24: alpha map
25: onyx***

* = takes two hits to destroy
** = takes three hits to destroy
*** = can not be destroyed

This package is offered in three different varieties. I am offering them separately. Click on the links below to find this asset in the different variations:

Block Breaking Block Pack (SD Version)
This is the basic block back. Each block is 16 pixels wide and 8 pixels tall.

Block Breaking Block Pack (HD Version)
This is the same pack as the Standard model, only upscaled and retouched. Each block is 32 pixels wide and 16 pixels tall.

Block Breaking Block Pack (HD2 Version)
(December 5, 2016 Update)
This is the enhanced HD pack at double the scale of the HD version. Each block is 64 pixels wide and 32 pixels tall.

Get the Block Breaking Block Pack Bundle!
This package features all three block breaking block packs, but it also includes six extra block types exclusively for the HD2 set! It is also my first pixel art submission to Voxel Art Store.

To keep up with all of my OpenGameArt work, please visit my OpenGameArt profile.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


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Ladies and gentlemen, I have joined OpenGameArt! The intent here is to offer assets of many kinds while also (hopefully) getting an audience that supports my work. So if you use this resource for gaming assets, find me! You can use the link below to go to my OpenGameArt profile for when I start uploading assets to the site:

John Marine on OpenGameArt

At the moment, since I just started, I am not sure what to offer. Rest assured I will offer a variety of material that will be of help to someone who may be seeking such material. So be sure to stay tuned. Also, don't forget to be my patron on Patreon! I would appreciate monetary support. But of course, monetary support is voluntary.

What I Hope to Accomplish.

OpenGameArt is another sort of platform to offer material to game developers. Or, I may just offer stuff people will leech off of me for. I feel game development for a number of things can start with some very basic material. While I may not have the best ideas, I do hope my material can be used in projects. So be sure to follow me on OpenGameArt for me trying to offer as many game assets and game ideas as possible to help game developers ranging from hobbyists to certain studios!

I will be learning along the way, so don't think I will offer the best material right away.

I am hopeful I can continually expand upon my media work to impress (and maybe inspire) all of you. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Voxel Plans

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Through MagicaVoxel, I have returned to voxel modeling. "John's Creative Space" has become popular in regards to voxels. So it brings me some pleasure to discuss a few things. I will use this post to share some considerations of mine and some other bits. If you enjoy my work, you are going to want to follow this post. Or if you are fairly new to this blog, welcome to my creative works blog! Having said this... here are some thoughts of mine.

Topic 1: Offering Models.

For the longest, I have wanted to make my models public. The only problem was that I have had a tough time deciding how to modify the models to the liking of others. I don't really want to offer my voxel models cold turkey. Having held onto these models so much, I feel I have to make them viable and useful to others. More importantly, I want to be able to financially profit from my work. So I am in a situation where I want to offer my material for free, but also take donations. I also simply want to offer my work for sale in a combination of single models and bundles. Any plans I make public will be announced here on "John's Creative Space" and elsewhere on social media.

Topic 2: Future Model Plans.

I have somewhat been working on developing a new human model apart from the many past voxel models I've created. The intent is to use them to allow for better animation. One of MagicaVoxel's limitations is the inability to split up pieces of the model for easier animation. People complain about the limit of 126 x 126 x 126 for models. So what I intend to do is make both static models and separated models to allow for two different kinds of models to be used.

Besides voxel people, I have also been known for my voxel vehicles. I haven't made any kind of voxel vehicles in my return to voxel modeling, but I do hope to offer the same sort of versatility for vehicles as I do my voxel people.

Topic 3: Game Development Voxel Modeling?

One of the reasons why I have been slow developing things was because I was trying to learn Java. As I was trying to work on making a possible game, I had a vision of designing a game, but with making voxel models for it for prototyping. It gave me the idea to make voxel models for tile-based games. Nothing has really materialized, but I will be sure to offer material to you all should I develop something interesting and that I am willing to give away.

While you're here, let me share with you a little advice.

Some Quick MagicaVoxel Advice.

Version 0.97.5 is the latest version of MagicaVoxel as of this post. I mentioned breaking up models into pieces. The intent is to make material to be used in more proper programs made to handle things like rendering and (more importantly) animation. I would suggest you try to build up your model as you normally would. Then after completion, break up your model into a number of pieces. Break up key segments ranging from the body to the limbs. Save the different limbs and such into separate objects. If you have accessories and props that can be used, save them as their own objects also. Then in a proper 3D application (like Blender), piece everything together.

I actually would also recommend you use VoxelShop to optimize voxel models. I would recommend it in the case of models that don't require any transparency, mainly with models that don't have any transparent bits. You can optimize such models to not use as many polygons. This probably isn't recommended for items that may require them be transparent, such as the windshields and windows of cars.

Always Remember...

Always remember that I am working on a number of projects as a solo person. So there may be times where I seem to not have anything being worked on or when news of my work is slow. It doesn't mean I am idle. It just means I am hard at work trying to offer some material for you all. Please help support my work any way you can. The latest way you can show some love is through my Patreon profile. Who knows? You might score something cool of mine through my Patreon page should you pledge to it!

So now you have some idea of my voxel plans moving forward. Most importantly, thank all of you who visited my blog for MagicaVoxel content.

That's all for this one. Go have yourself a great day/night and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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