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Saving Shrines: A Minecraft Story

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My first Literature post here on JCS is a Minecraft story. The story is based on me playing around with Minecraft Pocket Edition. It was conceptualized based on how I structured my MCPE world. So let me share the story to provide some creativity to this blog. That's what you came here for, right? Let me make your visit worth your while, then!

But first...

About the Label: "Literature"

While not exactly complete long stories, this is where I mostly share casual stories. The literature-based material on JCS may not necessarily feature pictures. What is suggested and featured are various stories I have to share. Each Literature post has a suggested audience that I try to mention. This way, I let my audience know what each story will feature to make material I hope is appropriate to the certain audience(s).

Now let's begin!

Minecraft was made by Team Mojang. To learn more about Minecraft, visit

--- Minecraft Story: Saving Shrines ---

I will now share my Minecraft story through a brief set of sections. I hope you enjoy this one.



• fantasy violence
• religious elements

The Beginning.

In some of the earliest days of humanity, there was a disconnect between humans and the gods. A series of disasters have plagued the world. Each passing day seemed as if the disasters get worse and worse until eventually, the heavens would win. These disasters were made worse with various monsters roaming the land. There was but one driving force that kept humanity alive- faith. In an effort to offer peace and sanctuary, a shrine was built on a grassy plain. To be protected and to be saved from any impending cataclysm, villagers and other folk would enter this shrine as a last resort to save their souls. A priest offered his sermon and his blessings to the many people who would enter this shrine. One day, a vicious monsoon flooded the area so badly that the land around the shrine basically broke apart, literally leaving the shrine to float on its own small island. It was at this point that the humans saw the power of their faith. Faith is what kept the shrine from being destroyed. Faith in the heavens (and in other things) saved the shrine from being totally destroyed.

Days after the monsoon, the King surveyed the emergency zone. The King was sad to see the shrine become inundated and ordered the construction of a new shrine. This time- built atop a mountain near a coastal village. As this new shrine was constructed, the gods noticed something. The more shrines built around the land, and the more people put their faith into the gods, the stronger the bond between humans and the heavens. In addition, the heavens even provided divine support against the monsters! The King later proclaimed more shrines be built across the land to project the humans further from monsters and disaster. Across the land, more shrines were built to keep the bond between humans and the heavens intact. Everywhere from forests to the snowy regions had some kind of shrine. There was even one built on a large sheet of ice! The shrine that was saved by humans' faith remained intact, but it was starting to get moldy with tall branches of sugar cane surrounding it. However, it still remains intact and standing. During these times of peace, further bonding of humans with the heavens would be entrusted with the creation of temples in certain parts of the land. As with any shrine, these temples would provide more worship and establish a stronger bond between the humans and the heavens. These temples provided greater bonds between the humans and the heavens. And just like with the shrines, more temples provided stronger bonds.

Generations of peace would ensue for centuries as the shrines were created and as people seeked to be saved and protected. That is, until...

A New Disaster?

It is now the present. A young Minecrafter residing near one of the prominent temples was summoned through telepathy about an impending disaster outside of the reach of any god or goddess. Citizens of the Minecrafter's home village heard rumors of fierce beasts in two different realms that could enter the overworld and bring mass destruction to the world. This Minecrafter played off the very thought of monsters bringing exceptional destruction to the world... until one night receiving a message through telepathy from the King:

"Greetings, Minecrafter. This is the King. You have been summoned to my castle. Please arrive immediately."

The Minecrafter graduated from the King's Academy and is well-versed in mining and crafting. The King figured this young warrior was good enough to be summoned by the King to be briefed about a possibly serious situation. His faith in the Minecrafter was enough to believe this person could be the greatest hope of saving the land from a would-be disaster. As the Minecrafter arrived into the King's throne room, he told the Minecrafter all that one needs to know about the dark rumors people worldwide have been spreading. Also in the room was an old scholar who is also a priest. The King began his briefing with the Minecrafter:

"Welcome, Minecrafter. It is great to see you again since you graduated from my academy a few years ago. Anyhow, let me tell you what is happenning.

"By now, you may have heard of recent rumors of monsters in two different realms that could impact this world and bring serious devastation. Scores of priests have told me that the rumors are true. There are two realms that have brought these rumors to light. One is called 'The Nether," and the other called 'The End.' These are two realms infested with monsters. It was a combination of monsters and weak bonds with the heavens that provided all the disasters that threatened humanity's existence. Now, underlying threats may tear this world apart.

"Sure, I could send my finest and bravest soldiers to investigate the matter, but I chose Minecrafters like you instead. You went through the certification process through my Academy and came out very well. You are a special Minecrafter. So that is why I chose you to help in saving this land. You need to utilize your Minecrafting skills to banish the enemies. Because I know only so much about this problem, this individual will tell you more about the matter at hand."

The King looks to the scholar and tells him to brief the Minecrafter further. After shaking the Minecrafter's hand and bowing down, he tells the Minecrafter more information on the dire situation.

"Yes. Let me tell you more about the situation. The rumor regarding a possible monster invasion is completely true. The Nether is a vile and vicious realm. Entering this realm requires you to build a portal to enter. Be warned, Minecrafter- do NOT enter the Nether unless fully prepared. You will need to craft weapons, defenses, and be able to provide for yourself with food resources. If you are adept enough, you may even need to have some enchantments to better your chances of survival.

So what does the Nether have to do with the dark rumors people have spreaded? Well, it is said that monsters within both the overworld and the Nether are working to try to draw a vile creature from the other realm- The End. A ferocious beast called the Ender Dragon exists in The End. Some people are even believing this Ender Dragon is the one responsible for not only the huge wave of monsters, but also the apparent weakened bond between humans and the heavens. When I taught a bunch of children this, even they couldn't believe a beast in another realm can impact the world we live in. Needless to say, the Ender Dragon must be stopped. If the Ender Dragon enters our world, we are all doomed."

As the scholar wrapped up his briefing to the Minecrafter, the King once again spoke to the young Minecrafter. This time, in a more concerned and slightly worried voice:

"Therefore, we need you not only to just investigate the matter, but also prepare yourself for a life-or-death adventure. Put your crafting skills to good use and rid our world of evil. The closest temple I know of from your home village is the Forest Temple. So I would first visit the Forest Temple before traveling to the world's other temples. If you need more information or insight, please visit your village's library. We are all counting on you to save our world from disaster. May the heavens and the angels be with you in your travels."

The Minecrafter was entrusted with the support and blessing of the King. Returning home, the Minecrafter returned home and dusted off the various crafting books from the King's Academy. Each of the books and lessons helped refresh the Minecrafter's knowledge on crafting. It had been so long since this King's Academy student was well-versed in the art of mining and crafting. The Minecrafter later decided to head to church to receive a blessing from the Priest. The Minecrafter then sets out to cross the nearby bridge and enter the Forest Temple.

Minecraft Forest Temple
^ from: my Minecraft album on Facebook - This is the Forest Temple I created in a Minecraft PlayStation 3 Edition world I created called "Adelphi."

The Forest Temple is like a lot of other temples in the world- ancient and decaying. You know a temple is there, but it is mostly surrounded in darkness and surrounded by tall grass and tall trees. There is still a greater story and a greater purpose. The Minecrafter entered the dark Forest Temple to receive more information and blessing from the Forest Temple's Priest. The Priest offered his advice and sermon to the Minecrafter:

"Welcome to the Forest Temple. I hear you were summoned by the King to protect our world. You must receive some important information before you set out on your quest. Listen to my sermon, as I am to teach you about our world and the bond we have with the heavens.

"During the trying times humanity faced in the past, and in the wake of various cataclysms, faith held together this world and its people. Shrines could only do so much to empower and encourage people. Therefore, temples like this one were created in various parts of the world to further strengthen the bond between humans and the heavens. People felt a force of empowerment as these temples were constructed. Brave men and women fought to protect temples like this one from the likes of criminals and monsters. Because of their sacrifice, these temples remain standing and continue for faith to be maintained.

"The power of both shrines and temples are key in keeping our world safe and to maintain faith. Without both working in complete synergy, the balance of our world will be threatened. For almost every shrine and every kind of shrine, there is a temple. Protecting shrines is still very important. However, the temples are even more important. The shrines and temples will empower you and strengthen you in preparation for the madness you will face in The Nether and in The End. You are only so strong. With shrine and temple power, you will be nearly unstoppable.

You now have been educated. Go to the other shrines and temples and not only protect them from monsters, but gain the knowledge and experience to save the world. Go forth and become the savior of this world!"

After the sermon, the Minecrafter left the Forest Temple and saw the world in a different light. The Minecrafter now knows what has to be done to protect humanity and its bond to the heavens. It is time to go around the world to visit and protect the world's shrines and temples. It is time to visit various villages and cities. Monsters had to be slain. And most importantly- the quest begins to slay monsters not only in the Overworld, but also in The Nether and in The End.

And so... the journey begins.

--- Notes About the Story ---

Here are some notes regarding the story you've just read:

• I kept the story and its characters mostly anonymous. The Minecrafter (you, in this case) was kept genderless. I didn't want to suggest the Minecrafter was either a young male or a young female. That was the only real thing I wanted to stress in regards to the main character.

• Part of the goal of protecting temples was to utilize the usage of beacons. The beacons in Minecraft allowed for certain buffs to be applied to the main character when a beacon has successfully been placed. Unfortunately, neither the current (as of March 30, 2014) versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition or Console versions of Minecraft allow for beacons. A shrine would be protected successfully if a beacon was placed in the right spot.

• One of the temples I created is situated above the clouds. I still haven't yet decided on some way the player could access the Sky Temple (as it's called) to complete the tour of temples around the world. One of my Minecraft worlds I created in the PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft has the Sky Shrine situated directly above the player's house. Since these are Creative worlds where I've designed these structures, they can ONLY be accessed by entering Flight Mode in Creative Mode.

• I actually didn't know how to title this one. So I simply named it after the theme of this story.

Hope you enjoyed this one!

I'm hopeful you continue to stay with "John's Creative Space" to see more of my material. Follow and Subscribe if you enjoy my work. Thank you for reading!

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Sunday, March 23, 2014


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For John's Blog Space, I had envisioned giving my main blog a mascot. It was to be part of a different layout for that blog. The centerpiece of the layout was to be a winged unicorn named Spirit the first mascot I made for anything. Unfortunately, I never incorporated this mascot into my work. This blog post is an introduction to what would have been my first mascot for anything I've made.

About the Label: "Characters"

Blog posts under this label feature certain characters I've designed. In these posts, you will be introduced to certain characters I've conceptualized and what makes them special. They are all fictitious characters. Any sort of relation to any of these characters, real or fictional, living or dead is purely coincidental.

--- Spirit ---

Meet Spirit...

^ from: (my public Picasa album) An early prototype of Spirit that I never used in coming up with any artwork for my blogs.

"John's Blog Space"- my main blog- was to feature a new layout and a new mascot. Why a mascot? I was feeling a bit gimmicky. When I was thinking about this mascot, I was actually torn between featuring a winged unicorn or a winged lion. So what I eventually came up with at the time was a winged unicorn. I am a cat lover as well as a horse lover. Perhaps my inspiration to go with a winged unicorn came from my biggest guilty pleasure of Summer 2013- "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." I am NOT a "brony," though! :) The updated blog template that would include Spirit was part of a theme I called "Enduring Spirit."

Spirit: Brief Explanation.

Spirit was the name I selected for the winged unicorn, and the story behind this winged unicorn was a special one for me. Spirit was a mascot to help be a symbol of inspiration for 2013. What Spirit is and represents is a sense of direction and determination. When Spirit spreads her wings and when she gallops, a sense of direction and focus are established.

Spirit: Breakdown.

Here are the finer details of Spirit:

The first thing is that Spirit is a horse. Horses, to me, represent majesty and endurance. There is just something beautiful about horses when they gallop and roam lands. Spirit is a winged unicorn, so wings grant her the ability to soar and levitate- a symbol of being able to clear great distances and rise above deep points. Unicorns have a large horn on their heads. I tend to look at this horn as having a sense of direction as well as being a motivator to press forward in the wake of various problems. Spirit is colored white- which signifies peace and purity. As you can tell from the image I provided, she is a prancing horse with wings spreaded. This shows fierceness and empowerment.

So in essence, Spirit represents many positive aspects as well as forward progress. Her presence signifies a certain character unique to and indicative of what direction I wanted to take my blogging and my life to. It does feel great that you think of something to signify a change in culture or provide a vision of where you want to go in life. And to me, Spirit is a great indication of that point.

I hope you enjoyed this post. You may get to see many more different characters in future posts. That is what I at least hope to do here on "John's Creative Space" among other things. Thank you for reading!

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Creative Programs

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Multimedia has come a long way. Many programs have been created to help people fuel their creative spirits and make almost anything. This blog post takes a look at some of these programs. If these items interest you, click on the headings to visit the websites of these programs. Part of "John's Creative Space" is in showcasing certain programs and such in case if you want to use these programs yourself. Consider this my way of showing you great programs and other items.

Please note that I may update this post regularly with new content. So therefore, look for the "UPDATED: ..." text to know when this post was last updated.

Welcome once again to...

John's Creative Space

About The Label: "Programs"

Certain programs and services online allow you to express yourself and create different things. Posts under this label highlight certain programs that can be downloaded or accessed to help express your own personal creativity.

Any opinions shared on any featured programs are my own personal commentary.

--- Creative Programs ---

Click on the program names to visit any official websites featuring each of the following items. Remember- more material may be added in edits to this post. These programs may be featured in individual posts in the future.

Creativity: 2D Art.

This section pertains to 2D art. You can almost never go wrong trying to express yourself with any number of different programs. I will share with you a few items here.

Photoshop Series
Known worldwide as the gold standard for editing images, Adobe Photoshop has long been the most powerful 2D art editor for a long while. Its many tools and features allow for it to be powerful for anyone to use.

The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), unlike Photoshop, is free. It is powerful in its own right in editing images. There is even a suite full of various effects that make it easy to make items such as buttons for websites. Many items can be either added or created to help boost the array of options you have in making quality graphics. In fact, a lot of what I've used to make art for all of my blogs was made through the GIMP. I use GIMP version 2.6 in my work.

Paint.NET is an adaptable and fairly easy-to-use program for editing images. However, it is only for Windows systems. You can add on more file formats to be edited if you so choose. Its interface is very basic. Everything is fairly understandable and simple to use.

More items and links may be added in future edits.

Creativity: 3D Art.

Here are some 3D art programs to get you interested in 3D modeling...

3D Studio Max
The gold standard and most-used 3D modeling program is Adobe 3D Studio Max. Many feel it is worth the investment to get 3D Studio Max to build high-quality 3D models for a variety of applications ranging from projects to games to even movies.

If you prefer using OBJ files, give Maya a try. There are a lot of people who use Maya over 3D Studio. So at least in terms of top-tier 3D Modeling software, you have 3D Studio and Maya to choose from.

LightWave 3D
All I know about LightWave 3D is that models constructed are created in LWO format. Other than that, I know not much else about it. This is another top-tier 3D modeling package. Prepare for amazing and powerful 3D modeling capabilities with LightWave 3D.

3D-Coat is powerful enough a 3D modeler for any sort of application. You can make a wide array of models and touch them up in many different ways using this professional-type modeler. You're going to have to pay if you want to be able to do more advanced 3D material with 3D-Coat. Visit the website for more details on paid versions of 3D-Coat.

Blender offers a powerful overall package of making and editing 3D models. Most of all- it's FREE! It is also open-source. Blender can be used in making 3D models and even in making videos. You can also make quality renders with this program and any number of effects. What can YOU create with Blender? Find out for yourself by downloading Blender!

Wings 3D
A little-known freeware 3D modeling program is Wings 3D. I have an old version of this program, but have never used it. I am not real sure of the range of possibilities and capabilities with this program. All I do know is that this is another option for one to consider in terms of freeware 3D modeling software.

Google SketchUp
From the fine folks at Google, they offer their own free 3D modeling software- Google SketchUp. I have only limited experience using this program, so I can't say too much about this program. All I can say is that this program can be just as solid in making any sort of 3D models and such as any other program.

Voxels (think volumetric pixels) are nothing new. In recent times, however, the 8-bit or pixelated look has become popular. Only so many programs actually allow for people to make amazing 3D models based entirely on pixels. The best program available now in the creation of voxel models is Qubicle Constructor from Minddesk. Qubicle is an easy-to-use program allowing for great control of making voxel models. I hate to say this to some people... but if you really want to maximize the array of options in exporting your work and being able to even sell your modeling work with this program, you need to pay for any of the different versions.

Qubicle Constructor is used for various cube and voxel games such as Stonehearth, Ace of Spades, almost any Voxlap game (such as Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, and Blood among others), Cube World, Guncraft, Minecraft, and much more.

More items and links may be added in future edits.

Creativity: Audio.

Time to put those ears to good use! Here are some programs for making quality audio:

FL Studio
FL Studio is the most well-respected music-making software today. This music sequencer is used by many people ranging from amateurs to professionals. High-quality and powerful material help make FL Studio the can't-miss program for anyone wanting to make quality music. The program is free, but more advanced versions with better features will cost you some money. I'd say it's worth the investment based on how serious you are about making quality music with this program.

Linux MultiMedia Studio
If you don't have the money for any paid version of FL Studio, you may want to give Linux MultiMedia Studio a try. Don't let the "Linux" part of the program's name fool you- this is an open-source music maker made for various platforms- including Windows and Mac. It is fairly simple to make basic music with this program. Projects can be exported to WAV or OGG. This is a free program- so no worries about any limitations. Actually, there is only one limitation with what you can do with this program- your imagination. Otherwise, this is a great free alternative to FL Studio.

Audacity is a free, open-source audio program good for creating a number of different audio files. Everything is fairly simple to use in recording audio. You can even convert lossy audio formats to other popular formats. MP3s, OGGs, and even basic WAV files can be created using Audacity.

If you are familiar with tracker music, this program is a very good one in the creation of tracker music. It has support for many instrument samples as well as VST instruments to help create great music. Unless you get any of the paid versions, you can only export sounds as OGG or MIDI files. Paid versions of MadTracker will allow you to save files in WAV format.

More items and links may be added in future edits.

Creativity: Video.

Video-making resources coming your way in this section. Check it out:

Sony Vegas
Sony Vegas is an industry standard in making quality videos. The entire suite of Sony Vegas compliments the video making and editing desires of amateurs and professionals alike. There is absolutely no shortage of quality video material that can be created using the powerful Sony Vegas program.

Adobe After Effects
In the post-production phase of making videos, one of the most powerful programs available in making such effects is After Effects from Adobe. After Effects allow you to jazz up any number of videos with spectacular effects. That is... as long as you have the finances to buy this program.

A few times, I used VirtualDub. To be honest, I haven't had much success or need for using this program in the creation and editing of videos. Many people do still use VirtualDub for their video editing needs.

FRAPS is very popular among gamers in capturing video. A lot of online video makers use FRAPS to showcase game videos and even video tutorials. I don't have any FRAPS experience to say I recommend it.

An alternative to FRAPS is CamStudio. Some others use CamStudio to capture their video content on their computer. I have absolutely no experience with CamStudio.

More items and links may be added in future edits.

Creativity: Gaming.

If making games is your biggest creative aspect, allow me to point you in the direction of these items:

Unity 3D
Unity 3D is one of the most popular game-making software packages on the market today. Amateurs to professionals make all kinds of games and all sorts of resources to build games with Unity. If this is to your interest, feel free to visit Unity's website to learn more about this and other programs offered by the Unity team.

Game Maker from YoYo Games allows people ranging from amateurs to professionals to make their own gaming masterpieces. Many independent (or "indie") game creators and teams have made their own games with GameMaker.

More items and links may be added in future edits.

I'm hopeful this post was of help to you. I may add more resources in edits to help keep this post useful. If you are viewing the Desktop version of this blog, you can find links to these items in the sidebar under the "Creative Links" section. Thank you for reading!

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Welcome to John's Creative Space (JCS)!

John Marine | 6:38 PM | Be the first to comment!
(UPDATED: March 23, 2014)

Welcome to John's Creative Space (JCS)! This blog post ushers in a new blog I've created. What is it about and why did I make it? You will find out in this blog post. For starters, this blog showcases my own creative works to the world. This introductory post for JCS will introduce you to this new blog and what I am trying to expose to you all.

John's Creative Space

Welcome to my new blog!

In Case You're Interested...

My name is John. To learn more about me and to connect with me via social media, click on the link below:

About Me... (links to "John's Blog Space")

Otherwise, enjoy your stay here on JCS! Follow my blog with Bloglovin


MAR 23 2014 - added graphic

--- John's Creative Space ---

Allow me to introduce my new blog to you and what I hope to accomplish with it.

The Story.

I began to think long and hard about the future of my blogging. One of my blogs was just not doing it for me. What I thought was a novel idea for pushing my blogging material ahead ended up being a failed experiment I finally realized. That blog was "John's Shop Space"- an alternative to decrease the workload on certain topics I had created for "John's Blog Space"- my main blog. I had this idea based on fashion bloggers who set up alternative blogs where you could buy certain items worn by the bloggers themselves. I thought people believe I was blogging for money, so I set up that alternative blog. It wasn't until recently that I decided to finally retire my JSS blog.

In my long thinking hard about the future, I considered making a new blog to showcase something I felt I was never able to actually do in my main blog. You see, I have loved the arts just about all of my life. I have always been fond of art and music. There were some literary pieces I felt I could never really share in my main blog. So enter "John's Creative Space." JCS is a blog where I try to share my various artistic and creative material. Just like my other blogs, JCS is a positive space. It is a positive space where I simply share a lot of my creative material. It may also include material for certain loyal fans to directly connect with any of my posted material online. I want this to be a much more engaging environment than most of my other blogging material.

This blog has taken the character of my retired blog with its customary colors of red and gold. This is the new "red" blog of my blogging universe.

What This Blog Entails.

I designed this blog to be a showcase of my own creative work. The intent is to show off my work to everyone while also making it interesting with unique commentary. What you will be able to do is get some perspective on my work while also being able to enjoy it. Because the scope of material is broad, there will be a number of different things that I discuss and share. Among others:

• Art - Designing art has been a huge part of my life. This blog will feature a lot of my art, mostly computer art and maybe scans of my older paper art.

• Music - Some of my own personal music will be shared with you all. You are free to listen to and (hopefully) enjoy my work.

• Videos - As a veteran of YouTube, I will be sharing some insight on videos I've created.

• Literature - Literature encompasses a number of things. These include short stories, (maybe) some series, and more.

This is a blog that I'm sure will get some of my audience very interested and engaged.

What I Hope to Accomplish.

There are some primary goals I am hopeful this blog will achieve. Among others:

• Showcase my array of talent.
I am not the most talented, but I hope to showcase my material to where I feel like a superstar of some sort.

• (Hopefully) Engage more of my readers/visitors to showcase their own creativity.
When you draw inspiration from one source, you inspire yourself to want to be like others or try something new. So while I will try to make this blog as interesting as possible, more important to me is the ability to try to get more people involved in my work and in expressing their own creativity.

• Have fun!
I try to make things fun and interesting regardless. A lot of my blogging is mostly serious because I seriously think people who look for material online should be able to find whatever it is they are looking for and of great quality.

• Join other networks to expand appeal.
In the future, I will look to join other online media to try to further express my material with others. As this is the first post of JCS, I will look to join more networks to broaden my appeal. It is the least I can do for exposure while also meeting new people.

These are among many goals I have for myself with this blog. Will you help me succeed in accomplishing these goals?

--- Some Extra Notes ---

These are some somewhat off-topic notes that still mean a great deal in regards to this blog and my work. So have a look at these notes of mine...

A Notice About My Work.

All of the work that I've produced for this blog and elsewhere are my own property. It is very much okay if you use my work, but be sure to give credit back to me. Plagiarizing isn't cool. Most of the material I've created is basically my own original work. Sure, I am inspired by lots of things; but for the most part, most of what I have created is (to my knowledge) very original.

Monetization and Affiliation.

A small disclaimer I want to share is that there may be material posted here that features affiliation to certain networks. Involvement with some of these items may result in me earning commission. While involvement with some items or certain links is voluntary, I would appreciate your monetary support in support of my work.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

If you would like to get social with me or share with me one-on-one certain thoughts or questions, you are welcome to do so in two main ways. You can contact me via E-Mail or through sending me a message to my Facebook fan page. You may ask me certain questions about what you see here. You may comment (constructively, please) about what you think about my blog and its content. You may suggest me certain topics to consider for this blog or any of my others. You may also contact me if there are certain issues regarding images I may pull from online or of any sort of copyright issues.

No matter what you discuss, there are things I will NOT tolerate, including (but not limited to):

• personal attacks
• spam
• racism
• homophobia
• (anything seemingly suspicious)

Use common sense in whatever you discuss and how you discuss them. Even anything that seems the least bit suspicious will be shot down by me and may result in further action.

You have now been introduced proper to "John's Creative Space." This is the motto and mantra for JCS:

"Get inspired. Get motivated. Get creative!"

If you Follow me on Twitter (@johnbmarine), then look for the hashtag "#JohnsCS" for all new posts and information regarding "John's Creative Space." Thank you for reading!

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