Friday, August 4, 2017

A 3D Confession

John Marine | 3:21 PM | | Be the first to comment!
There is a reason why I haven't made 3D models for some time. Now, I must confess. I had never successfully made a 3D model from start to finish until 2016. This was nearly 20 years of trying then. Once I got going, I had a stretch of success making merely basic 3D models. Nothing of mine was too in-depth or overly complicated. One day commenting on a message board, I came across someone who made a 3D model of his own. It looked extremely basic and with not much complexity. I commented that his work was very good but could be better. Another person more qualified said it was a terrible model and would not sell well on (this site). If that wasn't bad enough, this other guy who ripped the modeler wanted me not to encourage him, as if he'll keep making crappy models that won't make any kind of profit for that certain site. Both of us weren't professional-style 3D modelers, but at least I gave the benefit of the doubt to this other modeler.

One thing about me... if you say something convincing or in a convincing way, I will tend to look at things a different way and either not be into it anymore or make me appreciate something more. The former describes me when it came to 3D modeling. Being part of one community sometimes makes you think differently trying to come up with content as a content publisher. You know your level of skill will or will not be enough to satisfy everyone, especially in certain communities. You can only do so much based on your level of skill.

Having said that, the impact of dealing with this incident has led me not to be as active in making 3D models anymore. One person or a group of people can be just enough to make you not care about something or have the same level of joy and confidence in trying to make something. Parts of me do want to get back into the flow of 3D modeling. Trouble is, you have to ease into it- almost like exercising. You know you are not going to burn 50 lbs. in a day or in a week. Thankfully for me, Wings3D is not overly complicated to learn and use. So any 3D projects I may take on probably won't be as difficult. They will only be difficult if I intend on making something incredibly complex.

To see the 3D work I've come up with, visit my portfolio of 3D work on my Weebly site here: JMDesigns - 3D Portfolio. And if any of my 3D models interest you, you can shop for them here on my Weebly page: JMDesigns - 3D Store.

I can't believe it's been months since my last post on "John's Creative Space." Most of that, though, is because I have mostly been working on material for the PC fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N. Stay tuned to this blog and to my Weebly site for more information on these deals. How do you do that? Just click on the items below this paragraph! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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