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My Voxel Vehicle Showcase

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I used MagicaVoxel to make more cars than what I shown in a previous post. What I want to do for this blog post is share more of my vehicle creations with you all. This collection features a number of cars I created and want to share. Descriptions for each of the cars I've created lately will be provided in this blog post for your enjoyment. I hope you enjoy this blog post and my different creations.

Since this is my first released post for 2015 for "John's Creative Space," happy new year!

--- Voxel Vehicle Showcase ---

Before I continue, let me share with you a look at various voxel vehicles I created so far:

voxel cars trucks motorcycles
^ This picture represents many different vehicles I created, including some you may have already seen before.

This time, rather than some rather detailed look at each car, I figured I just share a picture and offer a brief description. I hope you enjoy this post of mine.

Family Sedan.

voxel car family sedan
This is an American sedan I created. Power comes from either a 260hp normally-aspirated Inline-6 or a 350hp normally-aspirated V8 in top-level trim. A 5-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual are offered for this car. It is a fron-wheel drive car, but rear-wheel drive is also offered.


voxel car supercar
While not the best design, I challenged myself to come up with something exotic and interesting. So what I did was create this supercar. I have no real story or specifications on this car except... it is fast, and it is long. A turbo V10 engine with about 550 horsepower is the heart of this supercar. Top speed is about 195 mph.

Classic American Convertible.

voxel car classic American convertible
I was inspired by seeing classic car auctions on TV to come up with a car like this. This is the first convertible car I've ever created with MagicaVoxel. The top is clearly down on this car. I think it is tougher to design more classic vehicles. I did my best regardless. A V8 engine powers this car with about 390 horsepower fed through a 4-speed automatic or a 4-speed manual.

European Hatchback.

voxel car European hatchback
The intent of this vehicle was in making a car that's boring. Nothing is "sexy" at all about this car. This car is more like someone's first car that just simply gets him/her around town and various other points. This front-wheel drive hatchback has a good 175 horsepower through a turbo inline 4 engine. It also comes in a turbo Inline-6 with 225 horsepower. Again- nothing special about this car to make it seriously appealing to most people.

Vintage European GT Sports Car.

voxel car vintage GT sports car
I consider this my most complex model I've created because there were a number of cues that are much different from the more modern machines I created. Among others is the headlight design. I tried to offer the illusion of lights tucked away and hiding behind glass. It is not easy to try to come up with such a design, so I let the lights show as they do. The Jaguar XKE and the Datsun 240Z were inspirations to me in making this machine. This was the first right-hand drive car I created. So if I were to create scenes with this car, you would see the driver on the right hand side drive this car.

Mid-Engined Hatchback.

voxel car mid-engine hatchback
If you know your cars, you probably know what this car's inspiration is. Think of a mid-engined hatchback with rear-wheel drive. If you aren't as keen on cars, then let me introduce you to this car's primary inspiration- the Renault Clio V6. A standard Clio was taken from its usual front-engine, front-wheel drive layout and given a more powerful engine mounted midship and given rear-wheel drive. It is one of the most unique vehicles ever created. I tried to create my own interpretation of this car with this model. A turbo V6 with 240 horsepower is the heart of my model. A 5-speed automatic or 5-speed manual drives this car.

Luxury Supercar.

voxel car luxury supercar
I actually had Aston Martin in mind in trying to design this car. It is a supercar that weighs about 3,800 lbs. and powered by a 480hp naturally-aspirated V12. There is also a supercharged V12 for this car that makes about 565hp. I didn't know exactly how to convey the Aston Martin look and feel in its design. So I modeled this car with certain cues I know of best. I had the Aston Martin DB9 in mind. However, this car's design also sort of takes on a character of another insane British sports car- the TVR Cerbera Speed 12. Only this machine is MUCH more docile than the Cerbera Speed 12.

Sporty British Roadster.

voxel car British sports roadster
Here is another car with some obvious style cues as to what this car resembles. This is how most Caterhams look. Go back even further and you may remember the Lotus Super 7. Either way, this machine is based on the more-than-capable roadster. It is a fast and agile sports car with exceptionally light weight. It accelerates and handles well, but don't expect it to win drag races or go fast around high-speed courses.

1990s Japanese Sports Car.

voxel car 1990s Japanese sports car
This car is my interpretation of a generic Japanese sports car from the 1990s. I mostly had the Nissan 240SX or the Nissan 300ZX in mind. The tail lights are more from the late 1990s Subaru Impreza. Maybe I felt like wanting to make this car a JDM (Japanese Direct Market) machine, so my model is right-hand drive. It is a car powered by an turbo Inline-6 pumping around 240hp or even 276hp.

Electric City Car.

voxel car microcar electric city car
I actually wanted to create a microcar that was environmentally friendly when I eventually made that neon green subcompact. This car is a more proper electric city car. This car leisurely takes its time getting up to 60 mph. It is a front-engined, front-wheel drive microcar with a top speed of about 105 mph.

These cars I created were created through MagicaVoxel. Each one is different in terms of me trying different design elements. There are still many limitations in designing voxel model cars. Despite these limitations, I am doing my best to try to design these cars for fun. One of my hopes is to try to use these models for media projects or possible game projects I have in mind. You may see these models (and more) in the future. I hope you enjoy my work regardless.

Before I close this blog post, I just want to make note of something. Ever since I started sharing my voxel artwork online, I've become fairly connected to various other voxel artists and game developers. I want to say hello to any pixel artists and game developers who may be reading my blog posts and seeing my work. Thanks to you all for supporting and enjoying my work. I know I talk a lot about MagicaVoxel, but I also am fond of any supportive of Qubicle Constructor. After all, I began making voxel art with Qubicle Constructor before I started really dabbling with MagicaVoxel. I am also using another free program called VoxelShop primarily to convert my MagicaVoxel models to COLLADA to use as I am trying to learn Unity3D. I'm all over the map, basically!

I have many more models I've created that I may share in the future. That even includes some models I am making exclusively for game projects. Will those projects ever come to fruition? Maybe... or maybe not. It all depends on if I am able to be convinced enough to make something good enough to be featured. Until then, all I am doing is sharing my work with the world, and I hope you're enjoying my work. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Top Fuel Drag Race

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(UPDATED: September 17, 2015)

I made a voxel drag racing scene once. The scene I created in MagicaVoxel is what I'd like to share in showcasing more of my voxel artwork. I will present this scene to you all to showcase my art as well as offer a little story to it. My hope is that you are enjoying the work I've created and showcased in my blog. If you enjoy my work, thank you. I appreciate your support. Anyhow, let's get cracking!

--- Voxel Scene: Top Fuel Drag Race ---

Here is the scene in question:

voxel drag race
^ 0-300 mph in five seconds! Top fuel drag racers make this happen.

I created this scene as a mock-up of a drag race. While it looks like I created two cars, I actually used one model and colorized the other one in a different way. The base model is the red top fuel dragster. The base model also does not have flames shooting out of the engine- I added those effects specifically for this render.

If you are not educated about racing, let me briefly describe what you are seeing. The cars you are seeing in my render are top fuel drag race cars. These speed demons often take very little time to blast down a quarter mile drag strip. The highest end top fuel dragsters can reach speeds well over 300 miles per hour. A top fuel dragster can clear the quarter mile in five seconds or (sometimes) less at speeds of about 320 mph or greater. Unlike a lot of other race cars, these are purpose-built race cars specifically meant to travel down a quarter mile drag strip. There is a steering wheel inside these cars to help keep the cars stay straight down the drag strip. To help slow these cars down after a pass down the drag strip, parachutes deploy to further help slow down the cars after a long pass.

Now that you know about these cars, I hope you appreciate and like this voxel scene I created!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Oni's Body Shop

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This MagicaVoxel scene I created is one of the first buildings I've created. I will share you this voxel scene and what it's about with this blog post. The building represents Oni's Body Shop- a business designed to repair or customize vehicles. The body shop is named after its owner. You'll get to know more about this scene as this blog post continues. Welcome to "John's Creative Space!" And also, happy new year- since this is my first post of 2015 on JCS!

About the Label: "Scenes"

All of the scenes I've created in artwork are featured under my "Scenes" label. I will share various scenes and offer stories to them to make each scene interesting.

--- Oni's Body Shop ---

Here is a look at the scene I created in MagicaVoxel. By the way, do you notice something a bit unusual about this image? Take a look:

Oni's Body Shop
^ Oni's Body Shop.

The reason why it looks so nice is because this is the first-ever picture I've taken using the MagicaVoxel Render program. There is also another difference with this picture- there are two new cars I haven't featured in my blog or on Twitter. You have the light blue old car in the garage, and then you have the blue roadster with the yellow stripe down the middle. Don't worry- I'll showcase all of my latest voxel models in the future.

Let me go back to the scene for a moment. I call this as "Oni's Body Shop," named for Onesimo Oliveira, the owner of this body shop. Onesimo is nicknamed "Oni." His body shop does more than just repair cars- people even come into Oni's Body Shop to have their automobiles customized with aftermarket parts and other cosmetic and performance features. People can wait in the main store area as their cars get customized or repaired. In a commercial, here is Onesimo promoting his body shop:

"Hi. My name is Onesimo Oliveira, better known as Oni. Are you tired of your jalopy? Do you want your ride to shine? If so, me and my mechanics can help get your baby back on the road. Or do you want to upgrade your vehicle's performance? I can help with that, too. To keep your car alive, you got to make that drive! Only Oni!"

-Onesimo ("Oni") Oliveira

Constructing the Scene.

Designing this scene required me to make a massive enough garage. I designed two so that it doesn't seem like the body shop only services so many cars. I took a number of car models I created to help in the process of designing Oni's Body Shop. I used some of Mike Judge's garage models for reference on how high and how wide to make the garage openings. I needed to make the garage deep enough to handle some of my longer car models. The two garages allow for only so much business. The interior of the main garages had the walls colored. I then decided on how I wanted to do the building, because I didn't want it to look completely generic. I went ahead and put on "Oni's Body Shop" in a nice way.

I kind of wasn't sure what vehicles I wanted to feature. The cars I created are all fictional cars with cues taken from real-world cars. In the garage are an old blue hatchback and a dark gray luxury SUV. To give the impression of realism with a car driving by, I included a British roadster inspired by what you'd see from Caterham. Adding to the realism is a visible driver driving the British roadster. I try to model all of my vehicles so that they can be used by characters for realism. I want to be able to drop in one of my characters to provide a realistic experience.

I wanted to use the MagicaVoxel Render program to make this special image. While it worked wonders for my external scene, the inside of the garage appears dark since there are no lighting options. The exterior still looks great with the render and the sun effects. The default size for wallpaper in MagicaVoxel Render is 1600 x 1600. I reduced it to 800 x 800 for a shorter picture. I could have halved the samples from 1024 to 512, but I kept the samples at 1024 in my wallpaper render of Oni's Body Shop. I adjusted the sun scale for full brightness.

And there is your look at this scene I created.

I hope you enjoyed my art work. I actually created this scene back on December 16, 2014; and it is just now I decided to make a blog post about it. Thanks to all of you for supporting my work and having some sort of interest in my material. I will be sure to post more material to keep this blog rolling along. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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