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Charity the Cat

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Cats are so well-loved for their cuteness and personality. One cat, however, begs a certain question: what if one could change the world with one's own charm and intrigue? Charity looks to do just that in her adventures... and misadventures. This blog post introduces you to my feline character.

NOTE: There is no formal material for this character. This, however, will change with future edits. So stay tuned to this blog post for updates.

--- Charity the Cat ---

Allow me to introduce you to my unique character.

Charity the Cat
^ (prototype image, from one of my Facebook albums) - This is an early prototype for my character, Charity.

Now onto the story of this character.

Charity the Cat: Story and Actions.

There are a number of cats who help make us laugh and be awed by their cuteness. Some are silly, and some others can be on the fierce side. Charity is no different. Only thing is that she is a cat with a difference. Charity is an average house cat who is very affectionate and lovable. As much as Charity loves to be cuddled and cared for, she feels she can influence the world on her cuteness as well as in trying to perform certain tasks and help people out. It all came to a head when Charity felt the world around her was becoming too negative. So to restore positivity and shift the balance between negative and positive into a more positive direction, Charity looked for anything she can do to help make the world around her a happier and more fun place. She knows she can't solve all of the world's problems, but this cat certainly wants to make the world better... for cuddles!

What Charity wants to do is help out others and try to influence the world around her to make it better and more positive. Anything to help bring smiles to others or to make others feel better is what she will go through- no matter how serious or even how silly. Another cause important to her is to try to rescue fellow kittens from those whom have kidnapped the kittens. That even includes trying to feed starved kittens with delicious cat food or anything else made available. In other words, Charity just wants to positively influence the world around her.

In addition to her efforts to make the world a better place, two other cuddly animals want to help provide their own positive influences on the world. One is a Maltese puppy named Matilda, and another is a bunny named Benny (or Bennie). Charity looks at these two as helpful allies and cares equally for both Matilda and Benny. She even tries to prove her love and loyalty to them by trying to help them with their own problems.

Charity the Cat: Inspirations.

The main inspiration for Charity was Pusheen the Cat. I chose Pusheen for cuteness and for being playful. Another inspiration of mine is Neko. In case you don't know who Neko is, first of all, Neko is Japanese for "cat." Neko is a popular program in Java. One variation of the program either is a sequence where this pixelated kitty runs to the center, yawns, cleans itself, takes a brief nap, wakes up, and runs off the screen. The more popular one features Neko running towards wherever the user places the mouse cursor at around a fixed space.

I wanted Charity to be friendly and fun. However, I wanted Charity to be a cat who could save the world and make it a better place. I wanted to choose a positive name for my character, and the only real name that seemed to fit her best was "Charity." I couldn't really think of a better name for the puppy, so I kind of went with "Matilda" just for alliteration since she is a Maltese puppy. The "Benny/Bennie" namesake is short for "benevolent."

Charity the Cat: Goals.

I actually tried to come up with game prototypes to try to enact Charity in a situation to help become a part of making the lives of others better. I have two different game ideas in mind- a side-scrolling platformer and a top-down maze-style game. Neither has been real successful in trying to create. Also, I had planned using Charity as my mascot for an Android app that offers positive messages.

So far, nothing really has materialized. I still don't have enough programming knowledge to properly create any true game, even a prototype.

You now have an idea of what all I am working on in regards to Charity the Cat. I will update this post with new content as I make it available.

Again- I will provide more material on this character when I get to make it available. Until then, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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