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(UPDATED: January 6, 2016)
I joined Bandcamp recently! Bandcamp is an online community where people share (and even sell) their music online. I long wanted to test the waters of Bandcamp with some of the music I've produced. Various artists and groups have offered their music to be heard on Bandcamp. After researching heavily, I finally put together a profile on Bandcamp for which I hope to offer music for your listening pleasure. I was actually considering joining both Bandcamp and SoundCloud previously. For now, I'm on Bandcamp. I'll talk more about my decision to ultimately join and what I hope to accomplish on Bandcamp with this blog post you are reading now.


JAN 6 2016 - edited post and included some extra items


It's time I talk you through my Bandcamp experience.

Bandcamp: A Simple Introduction.

Bandcamp is used by a handful of artists and groups ranging from various independents to some that are pretty big deals. For the most part, Bandcamp is fairly about independent artists, groups, and labels. Full soundtracks to certain indie/independent games are featured on Bandcamp. Games such as Double Dragon Neon, Elliott Quest, and Shovel Knight are on Bandcamp among others. People who aren't proper recording artists or proper music producers are on Bandcamp simply to offer their music to others. Those who join Bandcamp can join as artists, fans, or labels. I am on as an artist (obviously). Music can be offered for free or for a fee- ranging from specific prices to letting customers name their price. Music from Bandcamp can also be downloaded in a number of formats ranging from MP3 to OGG and more.

Joining Bandcamp.

What got me to join Bandcamp? Actually, I was first exposed to Bandcamp when I heard the music of C418. C418 should be familiar to fans of Minecraft because he composed the music for Minecraft. Being the inspired dreamer I am, I imagined myself making my own music and offering it online for all to hear and enjoy. I didn't initially get into joining Bandcamp because I wasn't yet serious about trying to build up a music collection to let others hear. That desire to produce music exploded and became infectious once I started envisioning songs in my mind as well as humming in my sleep songs.

As of Now...

As of this initial blog post (January 1, 2016), I have only one album, and it is nothing real special. It is more like a simple portfolio of songs I've produced in the past. The first album of mine simply features a bunch of songs in my past in publishing music. In the future, I will take advantage of making more music and making more albums showcasing a great variety of music and a great variety of songs. Let me let you in on something, though... there are a few songs in my first Bandcamp album I never shared with you if you've heard my music on YouTube and elsewhere. So this is a chance for you to hear a few of my unreleased songs for the first time! Bandcamp is simply yet another creative outlet for me just like most of my other work.

(ADDED: January 6, 2015)
If you would like to sample my work, please take a look at this item below. This features the songs I uploaded for my first-ever Bandcamp album. Have a listen:

Want to visit my Bandcamp page? Be sure to click on the link below:

John B. Marine on Bandcamp

The site and the content are all works in progress. Just like any of my work and all of my work, I greatly appreciate the love and support from all of you worldwide. Please be sure to help support me in this venture apart from my others.

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