Monday, June 6, 2016

My Bandcamp Music

John Marine | 11:55 PM |
My music on Bandcamp is showcased here in this post. If you haven't yet heard some of the music I've produced, then allow me to present this post to you featuring the musical work I have uploaded to Bandcamp. I hope to offer more than what you're about to hear in the future. You will be able to hear a lot of the music I've made and also get an idea of what other material I may work on for possible future projects. So welcome to "John's Creative Space" and my amazing realm of creative work.

To check out all of my work on Bandcamp, please visit Or you may click on this graphic below that links to my Bandcamp site:

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Click this to visit my Bandcamp site.

My Bandcamp Music: Introduction

These widgets will allow you to listen to my music. Here is how this post works...

This post features embedded widgets so you can listen to my music from right here on "John's Creative Space." You can go through the widget to listen to my various tracks. I am allowing you to listen to my music from right here in my blog. If you want to purchase my music, you are free to do so. I would appreciate your business if you did find my music enjoyable.

My Bandcamp Music: The Journey So Far...

Here is your chance to hear some of the music I've created. You can visit my Bandcamp site for more information on each individual song.


Many of the songs featured here are mostly songs I previously made long ago. It was basically to introduce myself to the Bandcamp realm.


Songs I made earlier in 2016 are featured in a brief album called "Variety." Not much special here. There are two hip-hop type songs and one mellow pop song.

As of right now, that is all I have published so far.

My Bandcamp Music: Future?

If I am able to properly create some quality material, I hope to offer more albums with many more kinds of music. I not only want to produce music, but I want to produce music that I am hopeful people consume and use and enjoy.

For example, there are a number of different projects I have in mind in which I envision if I had my own TV themes for certain kinds of sports. I even envision making a set of generic themes that could be used for news programs or podcasts. I'm probably thinking of the latter since I doubt any major companies or major news networks would even use (or care) about my songs. Another project in mind is that of providing songs and sound effects that can be used as game assets. For people who usually use something like the jingles in iMovie and iLife (for all the Apple users, of course), I want to make a set of jingles that may interest you. I also have visions of on a series of songs with the theme of offering positive and inspirational songs. There are many ideas I have, many of which I Hope to bring to fruition.

I simply want to provide material that I think people will find interesting. All the while, I also hope I can profit from my work. First and foremost is to produce and provide enjoyable material made to the best of my ability.

Making great material for you- ranging from blog posts to creative works. That's what I do and hope I am doing well. You just read another post from "John's Creative Space"- the blog showcasing my various creative works. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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