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From my main blog, I have expressed interest in making eBooks recently. I have done a little literature here on "John's Creative Space" before, but never any eBooks. Will you support my work if I make eBooks? This blog post is an opinion-based post regarding my desire to try to make eBooks.

I have been blogging for perhaps a decade. My blogging has been done on Myspace even before Blogger/Blogspot. There is a certain science to designing blog posts such as this one. When it comes to doing eBooks, however, this is a different monster. I think an eBook requires a different level of attention and focus apart from blog posts. A lot of eBooks are offered for free, but many people offer their eBooks for sale on services such as Smashwords, Lulu, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and more.

Likenesses of Blogging and eBooks.

Allow me to discuss these two items as a blogger.

Both blogging and eBooks are the same in terms of speaking your mind and expressing yourself any way you please. At least anyone who takes blogging seriously knows the importance of expressing oneself through the means of typing stuff up. Same goes with eBooks. When it comes to making eBooks, you have to express points in a cleaner way than with blog posts. You also have to present material in a way that people will care about it and maybe even justify paying good money for your work.

I am not saying that blogging lacks professionalism, I am just saying that making an eBook is a bit more professional. You have to build your eBook more like a real book with a cover and chapters and such. These are more professional pieces that require a little extra attention to detail than usual. You can offer your eBook work for free, or you can offer your work for a fee. Then again, that's how a lot of freelancers operate with various works.

What Will You See with my eBook Work?

Expect some of the same sort of commentary served up the way I usually do. I will try to bring my opinionated work to the light in my own special way while making sure to express myself as best as possible. The various works I may create can range from personal material to certain entertainment pieces. Regardless, I know what I am trying to do in trying to create material I am hopeful people can find enjoyment in. If you like my blogging, I'm sure you'll find something to love with my eBook work.

Free or Fee?

Most important to me is speaking my mind and offering something to others. While I do want to financially profit from my work, I care more about offering a service and my voice rather than feel like ripping people off. People are going to spend more time with an eBook than with a blog post. An eBook is going to have to offer material that is deeper and richer than most blog posts. People are probably going to download and use your eBook more likely than maybe saving HTML or text copies of your blog posts. So in my view as a publisher, it is probably best to capitalize on your work by making and selling an eBook for profit. I will charge a good bit of my eBook work for a fee, mostly because of the level of importance and detail I think eBooks offer. And believe me- I wouldn't charge anything for any of my work if I didn't feel there was a certain level of importance and opportunity in making eBooks.

Since I never made an eBook prior to this blog post, I'll offer something for free just to make test eBooks. Maybe spread it around and get some reaction. I also will need to make a habit of having devices at the ready to test eBooks on various devices. Once I get a general feel for designing eBooks, I will become a bit more serious and more aggressively offer and create material to sell online. So until I create more proper material warranting for a fee, I will mostly offer material for free.

My eBooks and JCS.

I will probably use JCS to offer some ideas on any book projects I may be working on. Ideas may fall under project names and explained further in individual posts. Those posts may later be updated if I release a proper eBook. The title of the blog post may also change to reflect the name of my eBook(s).

My eBooks and Social Media.

If you feel there are topics you may want to see me try to cover in blog posts or eBooks, then please let me know. I may be able to come up with something interesting if I like your idea(s).

If you want to read more about my eBook ambitions, check out this blog post in my main blog: "John's Corner: eBooks?" (John's Blog Space).

Be sure to stay with my blogging work to see my latest material when they all become available. I hope you all are able to help support my work all the further. You will see bits of my work scattered across my blogs for you to download. So be sure to check out the sidebars, certain links, and stuff like that to see my work being offered to you. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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