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For John's Blog Space, I had envisioned giving my main blog a mascot. It was to be part of a different layout for that blog. The centerpiece of the layout was to be a winged unicorn named Spirit the first mascot I made for anything. Unfortunately, I never incorporated this mascot into my work. This blog post is an introduction to what would have been my first mascot for anything I've made.

About the Label: "Characters"

Blog posts under this label feature certain characters I've designed. In these posts, you will be introduced to certain characters I've conceptualized and what makes them special. They are all fictitious characters. Any sort of relation to any of these characters, real or fictional, living or dead is purely coincidental.

--- Spirit ---

Meet Spirit...

^ from: (my public Picasa album) An early prototype of Spirit that I never used in coming up with any artwork for my blogs.

"John's Blog Space"- my main blog- was to feature a new layout and a new mascot. Why a mascot? I was feeling a bit gimmicky. When I was thinking about this mascot, I was actually torn between featuring a winged unicorn or a winged lion. So what I eventually came up with at the time was a winged unicorn. I am a cat lover as well as a horse lover. Perhaps my inspiration to go with a winged unicorn came from my biggest guilty pleasure of Summer 2013- "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." I am NOT a "brony," though! :) The updated blog template that would include Spirit was part of a theme I called "Enduring Spirit."

Spirit: Brief Explanation.

Spirit was the name I selected for the winged unicorn, and the story behind this winged unicorn was a special one for me. Spirit was a mascot to help be a symbol of inspiration for 2013. What Spirit is and represents is a sense of direction and determination. When Spirit spreads her wings and when she gallops, a sense of direction and focus are established.

Spirit: Breakdown.

Here are the finer details of Spirit:

The first thing is that Spirit is a horse. Horses, to me, represent majesty and endurance. There is just something beautiful about horses when they gallop and roam lands. Spirit is a winged unicorn, so wings grant her the ability to soar and levitate- a symbol of being able to clear great distances and rise above deep points. Unicorns have a large horn on their heads. I tend to look at this horn as having a sense of direction as well as being a motivator to press forward in the wake of various problems. Spirit is colored white- which signifies peace and purity. As you can tell from the image I provided, she is a prancing horse with wings spreaded. This shows fierceness and empowerment.

So in essence, Spirit represents many positive aspects as well as forward progress. Her presence signifies a certain character unique to and indicative of what direction I wanted to take my blogging and my life to. It does feel great that you think of something to signify a change in culture or provide a vision of where you want to go in life. And to me, Spirit is a great indication of that point.

I hope you enjoyed this post. You may get to see many more different characters in future posts. That is what I at least hope to do here on "John's Creative Space" among other things. Thank you for reading!

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