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Welcome to John's Creative Space (JCS)!

John Marine | 6:38 PM |
(UPDATED: March 23, 2014)

Welcome to John's Creative Space (JCS)! This blog post ushers in a new blog I've created. What is it about and why did I make it? You will find out in this blog post. For starters, this blog showcases my own creative works to the world. This introductory post for JCS will introduce you to this new blog and what I am trying to expose to you all.

John's Creative Space

Welcome to my new blog!

In Case You're Interested...

My name is John. To learn more about me and to connect with me via social media, click on the link below:

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MAR 23 2014 - added graphic

--- John's Creative Space ---

Allow me to introduce my new blog to you and what I hope to accomplish with it.

The Story.

I began to think long and hard about the future of my blogging. One of my blogs was just not doing it for me. What I thought was a novel idea for pushing my blogging material ahead ended up being a failed experiment I finally realized. That blog was "John's Shop Space"- an alternative to decrease the workload on certain topics I had created for "John's Blog Space"- my main blog. I had this idea based on fashion bloggers who set up alternative blogs where you could buy certain items worn by the bloggers themselves. I thought people believe I was blogging for money, so I set up that alternative blog. It wasn't until recently that I decided to finally retire my JSS blog.

In my long thinking hard about the future, I considered making a new blog to showcase something I felt I was never able to actually do in my main blog. You see, I have loved the arts just about all of my life. I have always been fond of art and music. There were some literary pieces I felt I could never really share in my main blog. So enter "John's Creative Space." JCS is a blog where I try to share my various artistic and creative material. Just like my other blogs, JCS is a positive space. It is a positive space where I simply share a lot of my creative material. It may also include material for certain loyal fans to directly connect with any of my posted material online. I want this to be a much more engaging environment than most of my other blogging material.

This blog has taken the character of my retired blog with its customary colors of red and gold. This is the new "red" blog of my blogging universe.

What This Blog Entails.

I designed this blog to be a showcase of my own creative work. The intent is to show off my work to everyone while also making it interesting with unique commentary. What you will be able to do is get some perspective on my work while also being able to enjoy it. Because the scope of material is broad, there will be a number of different things that I discuss and share. Among others:

• Art - Designing art has been a huge part of my life. This blog will feature a lot of my art, mostly computer art and maybe scans of my older paper art.

• Music - Some of my own personal music will be shared with you all. You are free to listen to and (hopefully) enjoy my work.

• Videos - As a veteran of YouTube, I will be sharing some insight on videos I've created.

• Literature - Literature encompasses a number of things. These include short stories, (maybe) some series, and more.

This is a blog that I'm sure will get some of my audience very interested and engaged.

What I Hope to Accomplish.

There are some primary goals I am hopeful this blog will achieve. Among others:

• Showcase my array of talent.
I am not the most talented, but I hope to showcase my material to where I feel like a superstar of some sort.

• (Hopefully) Engage more of my readers/visitors to showcase their own creativity.
When you draw inspiration from one source, you inspire yourself to want to be like others or try something new. So while I will try to make this blog as interesting as possible, more important to me is the ability to try to get more people involved in my work and in expressing their own creativity.

• Have fun!
I try to make things fun and interesting regardless. A lot of my blogging is mostly serious because I seriously think people who look for material online should be able to find whatever it is they are looking for and of great quality.

• Join other networks to expand appeal.
In the future, I will look to join other online media to try to further express my material with others. As this is the first post of JCS, I will look to join more networks to broaden my appeal. It is the least I can do for exposure while also meeting new people.

These are among many goals I have for myself with this blog. Will you help me succeed in accomplishing these goals?

--- Some Extra Notes ---

These are some somewhat off-topic notes that still mean a great deal in regards to this blog and my work. So have a look at these notes of mine...

A Notice About My Work.

All of the work that I've produced for this blog and elsewhere are my own property. It is very much okay if you use my work, but be sure to give credit back to me. Plagiarizing isn't cool. Most of the material I've created is basically my own original work. Sure, I am inspired by lots of things; but for the most part, most of what I have created is (to my knowledge) very original.

Monetization and Affiliation.

A small disclaimer I want to share is that there may be material posted here that features affiliation to certain networks. Involvement with some of these items may result in me earning commission. While involvement with some items or certain links is voluntary, I would appreciate your monetary support in support of my work.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

If you would like to get social with me or share with me one-on-one certain thoughts or questions, you are welcome to do so in two main ways. You can contact me via E-Mail or through sending me a message to my Facebook fan page. You may ask me certain questions about what you see here. You may comment (constructively, please) about what you think about my blog and its content. You may suggest me certain topics to consider for this blog or any of my others. You may also contact me if there are certain issues regarding images I may pull from online or of any sort of copyright issues.

No matter what you discuss, there are things I will NOT tolerate, including (but not limited to):

• personal attacks
• spam
• racism
• homophobia
• (anything seemingly suspicious)

Use common sense in whatever you discuss and how you discuss them. Even anything that seems the least bit suspicious will be shot down by me and may result in further action.

You have now been introduced proper to "John's Creative Space." This is the motto and mantra for JCS:

"Get inspired. Get motivated. Get creative!"

If you Follow me on Twitter (@johnbmarine), then look for the hashtag "#JohnsCS" for all new posts and information regarding "John's Creative Space." Thank you for reading!

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