Sunday, April 13, 2014

Star Lion

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One of my mascot choices for my blogs was a lion. As you may have read from my "Spirit" blog post, the lion never materialized. In fact, I never even drawn a concept of this lion. So what I will be doing here is basically describe my lion. That is the basis of this blog post. I hope you get to enjoy this deal here.


Times have been slow for this blog, primarily because I have been thinking of what kind(s) of creative material of mine to showcase in posts. Remember I want to showcase art and music and such.

--- Star Lion ---

One conceptual mascot I had in mind for my blogging work is a lion I call "Star Lion." There is no real story or any real inspiration behind creating this lion. But really, it is mostly just an empowering and polarizing figure to represent my online work.

Describing the Star Lion.

The Star Lion I had conceptualized has an color-shifting body which sparkles and shines like a galaxy. Think of this lion as a living galaxy. It is a lion that still roars loudly and proudly as any lion.

The premise of this lion is to represent a number of key points:

• I love cats, and a lion is a cat.

• I love stars, space, and nighttime.

• Having a lion with a theme of stars and space means something to represent empowerment and encouragement for my blogging work.

What the Star Lion represents is a love of stars as well as regality. A lion represents fierceness and commands the respect of others. Anyone familiar with Singapore may be familiar with the Merlions that have been the mascot of Singapore. The way I thought of having my material represented was with something like the Star Lion.

As I had mentioned previously, I never came up with any single concept or prototype for the Star Lion. So it basically was a concept I failed to introduce in some capacity. Maybe in the future I'll create something close to what I had initially envisioned for my Star Lion concept mascot.

Times are slow for "John's Creative Space" because I am still thinking of what I actually want to feature in my blog. And on top of that, actually coming up with the material I hope to showcase is also what is holding me up from really sharing my material with you all. A lot of it is highlighted on material I've created, but I also want to discuss other elements of creative works others produce. I also want to perhaps inspire people whom visit and find something fun here. So bear with me here as I keep coming up with material I hope my readers/visitors will enjoy. Thank you for reading!

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