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Asset Development

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When you develop a media project, assets are important. How you develop and produce such assets is key in the creation of your work. You may even find free or paid assets online for your work. If you are the giving type, you may even sell assets you've created to any number of services online, like TurboSquid or 3DOcean for 3D models. This blog post simply discusses asset development and some of the different nuances of asset development.

--- Asset Development ---

Everyone with creative ability wants to be able to create items for all sorts of projects. Whether it's the next piece of visual goodness or the possible next best game, it is important to develop your assets and then fine-tune them to make them better than good.

Asset Development Considerations.

When developing assets for media projects, it is important to consider your audience, your skill level, and the amount of detail to your material. You want to design something you feel will be special and unique in what you create. You may specialize in Gothic style art or in gritty urban locales. So the best way to develop your assets in those departments is to style things the way you want things to be styled. Perhaps you fancy colorful and cartoonish material. Be sure to design something that nicely reflects your colorful style. You might even (for any females reading this) love designing girly, cute things. You obviously want to create something beautiful and fun if this is what you fancy.

No matter what your level of creativity and the kind of material you enjoy creating, develop assets to the best of your ability using your own style. Don't feel pressured to try to be better than most other people in the same field- just try to work to your level and even put your own special twist on your work. Some people and groups even develop assets with the task of low-resource or high-resource creation in mind. Think of certain 3D developers who create 3D assets using as few polygons as possible or even using voxel models. Some others will seek high-polygon, ultra-detailed models. Develop assets to a level you are comfortable with.

Another thing you want to consider in asset development is a level of detail. Having something more in the vein of cartoons or in pixel art is usually less serious. Making something of a Triple-A Hollywood movie will require more intense detail. Work to your skill level and try not to stress yourself too much in designing your assets for your media work. It helps to be efficient in making whatever it is you want to make. Even the best work can take loads of time. Some people can create certain assets in minutes to a few hours. Some even take days, weeks, even months to complete certain assets for projects. However long it takes and whatever you are trying to create, keep working to make something special.

Should You Sell Your Assets?

You should only consider selling your assets if you feel you made something others can benefit from. Some people develop assets only for themselves and their work. That is perfectly fine. If you feel you can make material others can use and utilize, then you should definitely consider selling your assets to others. Especially if people enjoy your work and want to draw inspiration from your work, it would be very cool for you to offer your assets either for free or for a price on certain websites. Think about giving others your material to possibly help others produce better content.

There is but one important thing to remember when trying to sell your assets online- copyrights. For example, you may create a 3D model of an automobile from Toyota. Certain assets you sell online may require certain legal clearances, especially in regards to licensed and copyrighted material. You can still sell your Toyota 3D model asset online, but because you're making assets based on a licensed product, the kinds of legal clearances will make it a bit tough for some people to fully utilize and share your material. In these cases, you are probably better off making certain parodies or fantasy material that doesn't purely copy or mimic something purely licensed. You also want to be careful in making material that may violate the copyright aspect of making things in the likeness of others. You really need to be careful in this department.

IMPORTANT: Always be sure to inform people to give credit back to you so that you don't feel like people are plagiarizing your work.

--- Asset Development: Final Thoughts ---

Work hard in developing whatever assets you are trying to create. But of course, be sure to have fun and remain focused on creating quality material for your media projects. Developing assets can take on a few hurdles that may hinder your progress. Even still, the most important thing you want to do is make assets to hopefully help your media projects be successful. Be sure to develop assets based on your skill level and to a level of detail you are happy with. If you feel wanting to help other people by offering your assets online, you can on a number of reputable services that allow for assets to be sold either for free or for a certain price. It is all up to you. No matter what, be focused and concentrated in creating quality assets for your media projects.

Most of all... I wish all of you the best of luck in your creation of media work. I am even working on a lot of asset development in making videos, 3D art, and more. Stay tuned to JCS for more!

That's it for another "John's Creative Space" post. If you want to start a discussion, let's do so! Here's my question for you all:

What do you consider important in the creation of assets for media projects?

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