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My 3rd Voxel People Set

My third set of voxel people with MagicaVoxel will be featured. This all features characters based on the second variation model I shown you previously. I continue to enjoy making these models mostly for fun. They are just models to you, but they have personalities outside of their blocky appearance. That's why I do these posts on these character sets. So if you don't mind me talking about my models, welcome to another post here on "John's Creative Space"- the blogging space showcasing my creative works.

--- My 3rd Character Set ---

Here are three views of my latest voxel people creations in one picture:

3rd set MagicaVoxel voxel people
^ This third set builds upon the second set's model.

Let me talk about the characters you've noticed in this post.

Creating the Characters.

This set of characters is no different from the 2nd set I introduced you all. I did try to diversify the range of characters and the different clothing and hair styles. There is a bit more personality to this set. I previously had trouble trying to properly root the short dress model in the platform pumps, and I forgot to paint the back of one of my characters who was wearing a jacket. I have since corrected those and properly introduced this set.

Purpose of the Characters.

The characters all are to populate a number of scenes which I hope to create in the future. Each character I created is just a standard set of voxel assets I created for which to be used in a variety of media projects. None of these characters have any specific names. In fact, I named them according to the order I created them. That same order explains which character appears before another from left to right. So with this said, you can see I created the Goth male first followed by the rest of the characters in this set.

Even though this set of characters is based on the second variation model (the faceless heads), the main model which all of these characters is based on is not included in this set.

Explaining the Characters.

Now that you've read everything about the creation of these characters, it is now time for me to introduce you to this new set of characters. Each description with each bullet will be a basic introduction of each character I created. The order of each featured character is from left to right. Here is an introduction to each character.

• 1.) Goth Guy
The first model was my attempt to try to diversify my model types. This one features a Goth-type male who has red highlights in his hair up front. He's probably in the range of 18-25 years of age.

• 2.) Sexy Tough
Nothing says sexy like a short dress. This girl around 21-25 compliments this short dress with a cropped motorcycle jacket and some chic booties.

• 3.) Man in Pink
This male is looking classy wearing a button-down light pink shirt and wearing a rather dark pink vest. He also wears some beige slacks and black dress shoes. He is at least 40 years old.

• 4.) Urban Girl
Here is an urban girl wearing headphones around her neck. The first black female character I've created, she wears a sports bra, a cropped denim jean vest, some pale blue pants, and some high-heel red pumps.

• 5.) Kilted Male
This bloke proudly wears his kilt along with some socks and some shoes. This was my first attempt at making a tartan design. I gave the kilt a tartan design to make it more interesting looking. Otherwise, this would have been just a plain Navy Blue kilt.

• 6.) Sexy in the City
Not only is this my first Asian character, it is also the first experiment in making a character with platform shoes. The skin-tone platform pumps she wears compliments her short clubwear dress. Yes- this female between the ages of 18-25 is nightclub-bound. She boasts some long hair on the sides and even some bold bangs. I actually had a tough time trying to make a unique long hairstyle for her.

• 7.) Class Act
This male is at least 21 years old. He is a handsomely-dressed Black male in a sport coat, a light blue button-down shirt, beige pants, and black dress shoes.

• 8.) Sporty Girl
Immaculate in her sports bra and running shorts, this Latina between the ages of 18-30 is a sporty girl. To make her workouts and runs fun, she sports a pair of neon pink sneakers. Her hair is tied in a sporty ponytail.

• 9.) Game Time
This Black male between the ages of 14-25 is dressed for playing football or basketball. This person is a star athlete ready to go on game day.

And that explains each of my characters in this new set. In case you want a complete collection of characters I've created so far, I created this picture:

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