Saturday, January 10, 2015

Top Fuel Drag Race

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(UPDATED: September 17, 2015)

I made a voxel drag racing scene once. The scene I created in MagicaVoxel is what I'd like to share in showcasing more of my voxel artwork. I will present this scene to you all to showcase my art as well as offer a little story to it. My hope is that you are enjoying the work I've created and showcased in my blog. If you enjoy my work, thank you. I appreciate your support. Anyhow, let's get cracking!

--- Voxel Scene: Top Fuel Drag Race ---

Here is the scene in question:

voxel drag race
^ 0-300 mph in five seconds! Top fuel drag racers make this happen.

I created this scene as a mock-up of a drag race. While it looks like I created two cars, I actually used one model and colorized the other one in a different way. The base model is the red top fuel dragster. The base model also does not have flames shooting out of the engine- I added those effects specifically for this render.

If you are not educated about racing, let me briefly describe what you are seeing. The cars you are seeing in my render are top fuel drag race cars. These speed demons often take very little time to blast down a quarter mile drag strip. The highest end top fuel dragsters can reach speeds well over 300 miles per hour. A top fuel dragster can clear the quarter mile in five seconds or (sometimes) less at speeds of about 320 mph or greater. Unlike a lot of other race cars, these are purpose-built race cars specifically meant to travel down a quarter mile drag strip. There is a steering wheel inside these cars to help keep the cars stay straight down the drag strip. To help slow these cars down after a pass down the drag strip, parachutes deploy to further help slow down the cars after a long pass.

Now that you know about these cars, I hope you appreciate and like this voxel scene I created!

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