Friday, February 27, 2015

My First Pixel Art

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My first #pixelart of any kind is a gaming asset I created. It was all created using simple colors from the freeware Paint.NET program. I created a simple billboard that could be used in a pseudo 3D racing game the likes of Pole Position or OutRun. I decided to utilize my art talent to try to create game assets that I hope will be picked up by developers or for those looking for ideas to build a game around. I'll talk more about my gaming asset aspirations in a future post. But for now, here is the image I created:

pixel art game asset
^ This is a roadside billboard I created. It was made only as a sample of pixel art. The larger image was zoomed in by 400% so you can see the details better.

Other people are much more talented at pixel art. I simply created this just to put myself on the map of those who have created any kind of pixel art. The creation of this image was made possible by using the Pole Position games as a baseline. I needed to find some kind of image to use to envision something of a proper width and height. A challenge to this is that it can be tough to build any kind of game asset unless you almost basically create your own game or your own game engine. One of my aspirations is to make an Android app (and maybe a game), but I decided I'd stick to designing assets. I feel with more experience and by practicing more, I can design more interesting and more detailed works, including gaming assets.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy my small sample of pixel art.

About the Label: "Game Assets"

Any blog post under the "Game Assets" label are items I created that could be used in the creation of games. These assets can range from single items to various items in one. The main goal is to offer items that developers can use as ideas for games or to build games entirely.

I mentioned gaming assets a lot in this post. Rest assured, I will talk more in depth about my gaming asset aspirations in a later post here on "John's Creative Space." I am thinking in the future to make a site completely to serve as my portfolio of my various creative works. For now, "John's Creative Space" IS my portfolio. Thank you for visiting my blog here. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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