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Matilda is a Maltese puppy and Charity's friend. As much as Charity cares about making the world and society as happier places, Matilda has about the same passion. The two got to know each other as Charity helped out Matilda was down on her luck. Feeling as if she owes her one, Matilda decided to join in on the mission to help make the world a more positive place.

Here is Matilda (prototype):
Matilda Maltese puppy MagicaVoxel voxel animal
^ from: (my MagicaVoxel album in my Facebook profile) - Matilda is Charity's friend. She is also the first voxel dog I've created. This voxel animal model was created using MagicaVoxel.

Though Charity and Matilda have the same goal, the methodologies of doing so among the two are different. Charity doesn't entirely feel she can make the world better just by doing cute acts and by working to solve problems. Matilda is a bit more serious and doesn't really try to be overly cute. In fact, Matilda would probably say Charity seems too reliant on being cute and trying too hard to win over the respect of people around her.

Creation Notes.

I seem compelled to try to make animals other than cats. As much as I love cats, this was my first attempt at making a dog. I actually am scared of dogs. While I don't know my dogs that well, I do admit that Maltese puppies are lovely dogs. The model I created was loosely based on my model of Charity. I didn't know how to design a Maltese puppy to the best of my ability. So I took a few different pictures and made my own interpretation of a Maltese puppy. I almost thought of giving Matilda a red collar, but I wanted to offer some difference between Charity and Matilda. So I gave her a blue dog collar.

So that is a rather brief look at one of my other original characters.

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