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eBook Projects

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My ambition to make eBooks was expressed here on "John's Creative Space" and even in "John's Blog Space." This blog post here on JCS offers a look at some projects I am working on or considering in making eBooks. This is a chance for you to see what concepts I am working on or may consider in the future. I will also share some thoughts on the eBook process and how I am going about it. Any loyal readers that may want to offer suggestions or something are free to comment.

About the Label: eBooks

Anything eBook (or e-Book) related will be featured in these blog posts. These include both some of my own work and even eBooks in general.

eBook Projects: General Thoughts

The eBook allure lies in making material more detailed. As a blogger, I feel some material may be better suited towards blog posts and videos; however, some material would be better suited in an eBook. Not to mention being able to financially profit from your work. A number of eBook authors offer their work for free. Some others feel they can financially profit from their work, so they offer their eBooks for a certain price. To say one makes a financial living on charging their work for a fee can basically mean someone cares more about making money than expressing oneself. I certainly don't want to carry that mentality in some peoples' minds. But in a way, this is still a business at the end of the day, so people often have to take a business approach to things.

Having said all of this, here is a chance for me to share with you some projects I am working on or considering for when I seriously try to make eBooks. But before I share my project ideas, I want to give you a little background.

eBook Projects: My Considerations.

An important aspect in publishing anything is to consider your audience and what you want to target. There are different kinds of eBooks catering to different audiences. Most of my work will mostly be of the average text variety. So if you prefer eBooks that you can read on your e-Reader device or in an eBook app, that is what I am mainly targeting. I am taking most of my blogging style and offering it to the realm of eBooks. I look at eBook development kind of like making blog posts, only that

Because I intend to sell some of my work online, I am mostly targeting EPUB eBooks as well as the proprietary MOBI format for Amazon Kindle readers. I actually want to get a Kindle eReader for testing purposes. I mostly want to get the basic Kindle e-Reader, though I wouldn't mind having the more popular Kindle Paperwhite. The reason why I want to get the Kindle readers is so I can properly test my eBooks with the Kindle devices. None of the other Kindle devices (such as the Fire series) interest me at all. I don't need all of the extra functionality of those devices since I am only trying to make eBooks.

eBook Projects: Challenges.

The biggest challenge (or fear) I face is in my eBooks not coming out properly. Most of my process is in trying to find a proper workflow to where I am most confident developing eBooks and putting them together. This is why I presently haven't made anything as of yet. I am basically using Notepad++ to develop my HTML pages from scratch to make eBooks. I have various programs capable of managing and developing eBooks- Sigil, Calibre, and even Mobipocket Creator. I am still learning as I go in trying to make eBooks. However, I feel confident enough in my work that I may finally develop something amazing for an eBook.

Despite my optimism, I feel I can only do so much until I get myself an eBook reader. I am mostly fixated on getting an Amazon Kindle reader. Just a base Kindle reader will do for me, even though I wouldn't mind getting the more popular and better favored Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

Now on to the more important bits.

eBook Projects: Projects Explained

Here is a look at some of the material I have planned. Official names or any other media will be undisclosed until the proper material has been announced and released. Some of the projects described in this section may or may not actually be released.

eBook Project: Life Issues and Advice.

When I first considered making an eBook, one of the first topics I wanted to focus on were on life issues. I tried to build it all at once, but I then thought it would probably be better if I made this a series. This eBook project features a variety of different life issues I thought of and want to offer advice about. It is not definitive advice, but it is at least my own take on things. The reason why I am considering this is because I feel the lives we live are full of negativity and hate. I want to be able to offer something positive to read. Certain personal issues are also featured for insight. Basically... this is a self-help deal based on personal experiences and personal thoughts.

eBook Project: Gaming Thoughts.

This project I haven't started on offers thoughts of mine regarding various aspects of video and computer games. Here is a sample topic- what do I think about people regarding graphics and sound more than actual game play? What do I REALLY think about the independent/indie gaming scene? This is about the same sort of project as the one you just read about. Only difference is that I focus my thoughts on certain aspects of gaming. In one way, it would be silly to offer an eBook on something like gaming when I could probably post certain material in a blog post or something. Conversely, it is better to compile various thoughts on one certain category into an eBook and offer deep details that no blog post or video can express.

eBook Project: YouTube Thoughts.

From my YouTube experiences, I have learned many things and have had many thoughts on simply being a YouTuber. Honest feelings and thoughts are the primary focus of this eBook project. I haven't come up with any draft, but I do feel a bit like there are some honest feelings concerning why I haven't exactly enjoyed very much making videos and interacting with YouTubers. I will express some of those thoughts if I do make an eBook about this topic.

eBook Project: (a comic eBook?)

Could I possibly attempt making a comic-type eBook? I actually was thinking of making comic-style videos for YouTube, but I may consider something similar for an eBook. This will require that I design a bunch of images and put them together into a comic style eBook. The first book I ever bought as an eBook was a comic-style eBook- "I Am Pusheen the Cat." That was basically a series of images to make up an eBook. So I basically know it is possible to come up with an eBook consisting of a bunch of images put together into a book. Would I make one? It's possible. Nothing right away comes to mind as any comic project.

eBook Project: (a Mature or Adult-Oriented project?)

Never am I known to try something totally ambitious. I think I am too much of a nice guy to want to try making material laden with raunchy and explicit material. However... it is a thought I [surprisingly] might entertain. The best reason to consider a project like this would be to show the broad range of one's material. You know, basically to try to offer something to different audiences. It is much the same way you have movies rated by the Motion Picture Association of America with "G" that the an entire family can enjoy, and then you have those movies rated "R" Rated movies. Even worse are those rated "NC-17" by the MPAA that are even raunchier than R-rated movies.

So what is meant by "mature" or "Adult-Oriented?" It could range anything from profoundly violent and offensive material, or it may even involve raunchy romantic and sexy material. I don't have anything planned for this. I may, may not, or may never attempt to make something that I think far exceeds what a general audience would consider too extreme for normal reading.

You now have an idea of some of the different eBook projects I am either working on or considering. I am not sure if there are any topics that could I could possibly take into consideration as far as topics or categories people feel I can take on in making an eBook.

Amazon Kindle Readers (Bonus Section!)

As a way of saying thanks to you for reading this post and to speak of the Kindle readers, why not treat yourself to one if you're an eBook reader? The Kindle Fire and stuff personally don't interest me. So I'm with the e-Reader Kindles. Have a look at these and feel free to take a further look at these if interested:

Feel free to support me and my work any way you can. I thank you for it. Also... happy shopping! :)

I may attempt any number of different projects if I get on some kind of roll creating eBooks. I may even think of certain other projects outside of these mentioned here. Just remember that I will try to push my material. I hope you can support my work any way you can. I will surely announce my material to you all and where you can get it when I do publish material. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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