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My Voxel Robots

My MagicaVoxel voxel adventures now involve mechs and robots recently. Conceived as possible projects I want to start with Minecraft, I've been making certain robots and mechs. So I decided to show some of my work with you. This is the latest in a series of models I've been trying to create to further expand my profile of voxel models I have created.

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My Voxel Robots

In recent times, I been compelled to design robot voxel models. If you are expecting something like Gundam, Titanfall, Metal Gear, or anything like that in terms of robots or mechs, look elsewhere. There was a good bit for me to learn in creating these voxel robots.

One of my goals was to design these robots to populate Minecraft as part of a new world I want to create in Minecraft. These robots would be part of a story with this new Minecraft world I want to create. These robots try to merge in with a world already populated with humans and creatures. The world I am envisioning in Minecraft and its story revolve around humans feeling threatened by a combination of its own humans, various creatures, and robots. It kind of draws influence from Final Fantasy, but not deeply entrenched in Final Fantasy. Each class- humans, creatures, and robots- will have one or more characters massive in size and serve as boss characters. Some even may be rare and/or legendary enemies.

The robots I have conceptualized are a combination of various passive and hostile robots. While the models themselves seem out of place for something like Minecraft, they represent models unique to my own style of art and voxel modeling. I want to eventually design a number of robot models of different kinds and sizes. I even envisioned one or more robots to be boss-type characters that are massive in size and capable of massive damage and devastation.

My First Voxel Robot.

voxel robot
^ from: (my MagicaVoxel album on Facebook) - This robot has average claws meant to grasp various objects and even to pierce into intruders.

One look at this robot, and one might think this is a fairly old school robot. And in senses, it is. This is a robot who is meant to be a hostile mob. About as tall as an Enderman, this robot has claw hands meant to grasp people and objects. It has two laser cannons in its hand units to attack from longer distances. Mounted on its chest are two lights to see in dark conditions as well as be able to light up dark areas. There is a big battery pack installed on its back.

My Second Robot.

voxel gun robot
^ from: (my MagicaVoxel album on Facebook) - This basic robot was meant to defend areas from intruders.

This model is another hostile mob. It has two basic gun turrets. Its main purpose is to defend turf from invaders. They are fairly standard issue protection and fairly basic enemies. These robots are about as tall as the main player model in Minecraft.


Here is one model I am still mostly working on.

voxel WIP robot Arachne
^ from: (my MagicaVoxel album on Facebook) - An absolute war machine is this eight-legged robot with two chainguns.

This model looks pretty wicked, doesn't it? Can't complain when you have eight legs and tote TWO chainguns! This robot doesn't have a technical name, but its hypothetical name is the "Arachne Class." This is a hostile mob that has the same sort of mobility as the basic Spiders in Minecraft, but rather than jump at you, it fires plasma lasers from its two chainguns. It has another mode of attack in the form of a laser beam from its chest. Needless to say, this robot is a total war machine. It is also possible to ride this machine and use it for transportation and battle.

Now you have a little peek at my creations.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and my work. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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