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My First 3D Model!

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I never made a true 3D model until now. From start to finish, I made my first-ever 3D model of any kind outside of voxels. I made my first model using Blender 3D and rendering in the Cycles Renderer. I felt so accomplished. As someone who recently offered a product on TurboSquid, I feel I need to step my 3D game up and think about other things to offer in addition to my original models. I will probably never create anything completely professional and advanced, but my first polygon 3D model I completed from start to finish is merely a start towards hopefully making many more 3D models of many different things.

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My First 3D Model!

So what did I design as my first true 3D model? Take a look:

my first 3D model
^ This trophy I made serves as the first-ever true 3D model I created from start to finish. This model was made completely from polygons. No voxels or conversions were used in the creation of this model.

That's right. I made a trophy. It was supposed to be practice in using Blender's Boolean Modifier. I also utilized using the Mirror Modifier to make some of the process easier. The base of the trophy was designed from a single cube followed by extruding. The cup part of the trophy stemmed from a cylinder. Through loop cuts and extrusions, I was able to create the cup part through the cylinder. Later, I started to make a couple more loop cuts followed by extrusions from vertices and edges. After being done with the modeling process, I then went ahead and tried to make a render using the Cycles Renderer as opposed to the Blender Render. I later added another text field to simply put my own mark on my first-ever true polygon model. The end result of all of this is the picture I just shown you.

NOTE: I tried to use the Subdivision Modifier, but since I wasn't happy with the rendered result, I decided to leave the model in its raw form.

Biggest Challenges.

Maybe my biggest challenge in making a real 3D model is simply trying to complete it. It becomes too easy trying to envision how you want to complete the model and how to actually complete the entire model. That was one of my greatest challenges trying to make some models. I feel sometimes like I do so well trying to develop the model, then lose the confidence to complete the model as well as feel like I messed up somewhere to where recovery is impossible. I could probably try to better learn using Blender and actually take advantage of the many powerful tools and features the program provides.

What I Learned From Making My First Model.

When you make your first of something and feel good about it, it motivates you to make more things. Speaking as a blogger, you can tell I became a lot more confident in my blogging work over the years. I usually do not release anything until I feel I am completely proud and confident I made something as best as I could. I can definitely say I enjoyed my first true effort to make a proper 3D model. While I may still make voxel art, I at least feel great knowing I can make polygon 3D models outside of my regular voxel art.

Outside of making my first 3D model, I also can use this experience to learn how to better use Blender and even broaden my skills making 3D models. I feel I have a whole lot to learn. This first experience can only motivate me to do better when I want to make more 3D models.

Prior to making this model, I can say it has been probably somewhere in the range of 15-20 years to where I tried to work with 3D programs to try to make 3D models, coming up short all the time or lacking the patience and confidence to complete models. So making this model was a great relief to me after trying a number of times to make a true 3D model.

Future Plans.

I don't think I have the confidence and patience to make professional and detailed 3D models. So to me, I think I may exclusively work with low polygon models. Trying to maximize detail and depth with as few polygons as possible is what I want to do. To be honest, I'd love to try to make 3D models to serve as assets for games and media projects. So you may see some items I can possibly offer online to help you folks out with your media work.

Of course, be sure to stay tuned to my blogs to see a lot of my work and to find out what assets I may offer to you all.

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