Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My First SketchUp Model!

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I completed my first SketchUp model! I made my latest 3D model based on my 3D skill and on how much I've learned so far trying to make models with SketchUp. This post is my opportunity to share with you my latest creation and second-ever 3D model I completed. So without further hesitation, take a look at my latest creation:

SketchUp Car
^ Here is my first model I created in SketchUp- a car.

I began creating this model by tracing the side profile of a Citroen C2 VTR 1.6. Then after that, I extruded the body and envisioned making the rest of the car. I used only a basic side silhouette to envision making the rest of the car. For the most part, I went with the strategy of modeling the half of the car. So I modeled the left side of the car to begin. Afterwards, I copied my entire creation and then tried to piece together the car. To say the least, the process of piecing together the car is a MUCH easier process in SketchUp than in Blender. All I had to do afterwards was flip the car along the red axis. Only other modification I made was modeling a muffler on the right side of the car from the back. Another simple process was to combine the geometry. By simply marking up all of the faces I wanted to have join the main body of the car, I just simply used the Intersect Faces option to apply the geometry of my muffler to the car. I could then easily erase some of the extra geometry to reduce unnecessary polygons.

This car was sort of a tricky one to me. My emphasis was mostly on low polygons, but I wanted to make the car a bit detailed without going overboard. It was all entirely made through materials. No textures of any kind were used, but I did use a few textures early on just to learn SketchUp. The final model didn't have any textures. I created this car within the course of one day. I actually worked on it all of this past Monday and then put on finishing touches this Tuesday. So this was a car that actually probably took maybe a total of 3-5 hours when it could have been made in one or two hours. There are no overly insane details I made with this model.

I hope to offer this model on TurboSquid, but no plans right now have been made to actually offer it. I actually want to test my creation before wanting to offering it online.

So do you like my work? Let me know what you think by commenting. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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