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Fashion Racing Association

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Playing GTR2 and sampling mods has me thinking of series. Let me share this fantasy story representing one fantasy series I have in mind. It is part of a project for YouTube to expand my array of videos and have some fun. After all, this kind of stuff should be fun, right? So read on for more info. Maybe if you want to contribute something, feel free to contact me.


This story is (obviously) fiction. All licensed brands featured here are copyrights of the respective companies.

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Fashion Racing Association

Here is the story to set up this series idea. You will even get some ideas as to what I am looking to accomplish with such stories.


Certain fashion designers and motorsports promoters came together to discuss starting several different racing challenges as well as special events to try to offer a unique parallel between fashion and racing. This league is collectively called the "Fashion Racing Association." This series invites various fashion personalities the world over. The series primarily focuses on fashion bloggers, but even those even remotely into fashion will have their chance to compete in this unique series sanctioned by the FRA.

One of the racing events is a series featuring identically-prepared vehicles in a one-make series. Here is a press statement prepared by one of the promoters of the FRA:

For the maiden race of our series of races, we want to invite a host of fashion bloggers to a unique racing challenge we like to call the "International Race of Fashion." The racing challenge we have set up involves various fashion personalities all competing in cars as stylish as their blogs and outfits. While we are aware that racing is not the finest talent of these competitors, we must make sure to provide purpose-built race cars to ensure safety. The cars themselves are not to be anything overbearing. We are not interested in causing tension among the fashion community with heated rivalries or anything- our plan is just to let fashion personalties compete in single racing challenges. We welcome a vast array of personalities- petites, curvy/plus-size fashion personalities, thrifty fashionistas, and more. We also welcome personalities of many different ages. If one is old enough to drive, they are eligible to compete in our events. We are looking forward to making this series grow as much as we can.

Prototype and Plans.

My goal here is to come up with a unique kind of series featuring some peppy amateur-type race cars. In brainstorming this idea, I had initially thought of using a mod featuring the 2009 model Ford Fiesta ST based on mods I had at that time for GTR2. Then, I thought about using more proper and more sporty cars- namely the Hankook MX-5 Cup mod for GTR2. The mod seemed simple to mod. My intent was to make a certain livery for the car and have the individual cars painted differently based on the same scheme. I then thought about some other cars. So I looked at mods for GTR2 including a mod featuring the BMW 1-Series hatchback and another mod featuring the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. While I mentioned not having anything too extreme for race cars, I even considered a Porsche Cup mod to serve as the cars for the featured racers. Because this project involves envisioning fashion bloggers, the liveries of each car would have banners atop the front windshield bearing the name of the individuals' blogs. It is promotional while not trying to be promotional.

I had planned on setting up a pilot featuring certain bloggers I like or that I follow. As much as I wanted to make a pilot for this concept, I felt it would be wrong to try to innocently make a series without the consent of others. The plan for making this was to come up with some new content for my YouTube channel. I found this to be a fun concept to try out. It is just a pilot- a prototype, yet I didn't want to release a pilot video unwillingly without permission of certain individuals.

Another element of this series is an emphasis on two different classes: American contenders vs. international contenders. As part of the deal, the American personalities will have white banners across the windshields, and the non-American personalities will have red banners across the windshield. Those not born in the USA are what will be "international" contenders. The American drivers will have numbers between 4-99, and the international contenders will have numbers between 100-199. Examples of liveries I've created will be featured later in this blog post.

Story Execution.

The races to be set up are AI (artificial intelligence, for those not educated on gaming) races. These are simulated races. How will they play out? I don't know. All I know is that anything can happen when you set up AI races. I am not going to do any kind of tweaking just to ensure one personality wins. There is no favoritism at play here.

Personal Commentary.

In a way, I sort of thought of "Sex and the City 2" when considering the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG mod. Not that I seen "Sex and the City 2," but part of me made me think of Mercedes-Benz as one of the cars in this conceptual race idea I had.

Similar Plans?

I had interest in making extra series devoted to specific categories of fashion bloggers and even those who are just mere fashion personalities online (such as those who don't have fashion blogs or Instagram accounts).

There is your look at my series concept. Because I never did this before, I will be learning as I go along. Learning as you go along is a lot like life. I don't know what to expect, so I will slowly get better with my work over time the more I contribute to it.

The Competition Car

This car is a 2009 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. It is a mod for GTR2. Here is a look at the livery I have been working on as this first GTR2 project of mine:

fashion racing front
This is a basic view of this car.

fashion racing rear
This is a rear view of the car.

livery variation
As the livery was meant to be a template, I made a variation of the base livery. Also notice the text on the windshield banner. The name of certain blogs are displayed on both the front and rear windshield banners to identify the contenders. I am not putting myself in this series! I put this car in only as a demonstration.

As you can tell, the base white (actually silver) color is the base color complimented by the secondary purple/violet colors. I am a bit undecided on making tertiary colors with the rollcage. The color choices are decided by me to make as many different variations of this same livery as possible to fill out the grid of contenders. Each car boasts the same primary sponsor of Sephora. For those not educated about fashion and beauty, Sephora is a French company that is one of the most popular retailers of beauty products. Each car has the same primary sponsor.

My First Attempt at Sharing a Video Capture!

Want to see my liveries in action? I have this video for you all. There are skips and such, but this is my first-ever attempt trying to make a video from a video capture. Enjoy:

^ GTR2 Test Video and Pilot

You now have an idea of what this deal is like in action and what I hope to improve to make this special.

Special Request! Want In?

My intent is to pick out different fashion blogs to serve as contenders to fill out my field of cars for this fantasy racing series. I am torn between either featuring certain bloggers [with or without permission] I follow and asking for certain bloggers who maybe want to be featured in this just-for-fun series. I do want to feature certain fashion blogging personalities I follow and maybe feature some out of surprise- as in you may not know who I will feature.

All featured personalities will be represented with the same racing livery but in different colors. I want to make the colors fun since this this is not supposed to be some overly serious racing league. I may select certain numbers or randomly generate driver numbers to represent each contender.

So if you are a fashion blogger that wants to be featured in this series I'm conceptualizing, feel free to contact me online through Facebook or here in my blog. I am concerned about the permission part because I would feel guilty featuring something like this series without someone knowing beforehand.

If I come up with more concepts towards fantasy racing series, I will let you know in this blog. I hope you enjoyed your time here. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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