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Summer Speed Series

(UPDATED: August 3, 2016)
My latest GTR2 project heats up the Summer. I created a fantasy story regarding teenagers of legal driving age that participated in a Summer camp engaging in an unforgettable experience- an auto race around a famed racing facility. I will introduce you to this project and what all it entails with this blog post. It brings me great pleasure to provide this project to all of you. Let's begin!


AUG 3 2016 - added video

Summer Speed Series

Here is the story to this project.

The Story.

As many as 50 High School students of driving age enjoyed their time at a motorsports Summer Camp. Of those 50, 20 were invited to compete in a unique racing challenge- 10 laps around Road Atlanta in identically-prepared 2007 Ford Focus RSes. Each of these determined teenagers will earn scholarships. Only one, however, will be driving back to High School in his/her own brand new Ford Focus. Twenty competitors. Ten laps around Road Atlanta. One race. One champion. Who will win this One-Make Series featuring these furiously fast Fords?

The Competition Car and the Racing.

Here is the car:

Coca-Cola Ford Focus RS
^ I designed this Coca-Cola livery on this 2007 Ford Focus RS for GTR2.

Each car is an identically-prepared 2007 Ford Focus RS completely tuned for racing. These are four-wheel drive machines complete with turbo engines, front and rear spoilers, and full roll cages. The cars make an estimated 297hp (301 PS) and 326 lb. ft. of torque (442 Nm). The series is called the Summer Speed Series. With all of the cars, I developed a Coca-Cola livery to be on all the cars since it is the primary sponsor of the series. Being able to compete with cars with so much power and ability will blow the minds of these teens. Despite this, these teenagers knew what they signed up for when they joined this motorsports Summer camp.

The Series.

Coca-Cola Ford Focus RS
^ from: (one of my Facebook albums) - This was a picture I made as a prototype for this project.

I chose Coca-Cola and Road Atlanta because Coca-Cola is based in Atlanta. I personally prefer Pepsi over Coca-Cola, but I put this all together to come up with a fairly interesting series. This story is only told about one race. However, I maybe thought of some other interesting projects I may want to work on to make more stories of this fictional Summer Speed Series. I guess if I had inspiration on coming up with this story, you can thank either a racing series here in the United States called the Summer Shootout Series and even the likes of the ToCA Race Driver series. I just saw something in trying to find certain GTR2 mods to work with and came along the Ford Focus RS mod. I had to try to make the livery as believable as possible of a Coca-Cola liveried car. I don't have too much experience skinning cars. The fact that all of the cars look the same may seem boring and lacks any real personality to most people. However, I am pacing this more along the lines of having one star emerge from everyone else.

Choosing the cars and the level of competition was realistic. It is truly fictional with fictional drivers, but I wanted to be realistic. I didn't want to (for example) tell a story of very inexperienced teenagers that somehow can race Formula 1 cars masterfully. This project is one of the first in which I try to utilize GTR2 to act out a story. It is also a chance for me to be inspired to make my own fantasy television coverage of a racing event complete with graphics and commentary. Think of it kind of like The Onion (if you're familiar with it), only not as funny and well-played as The Onion.

I may or may not have another project under the name "Summer Speed Series." The *official* name of this series as I came up with it is the "Coca-Cola Summer Speed Series."

How it All Plays Out.

This is a generally random sort of race. So therefore, there are no rivalries, no surely talented characters, heroes or villains, or anything like that. It is basically just a random sort of race I set up. This was mostly meant to be a random deal. Because I have never done something like this before, I will be learning all the while how to make game videos, especially in the sense of something like an AI race. Whatever I come up with will be the reflection of what I have learned so far making both skins for cars and a game video.

Because this is all mostly random (rather than trying to gain permission from real people to focus them in action with my previous project), I don't have to worry much about trying to have actual people featured or anything like that.

What I do come up with will be shared in a video. So make sure to visit my YouTube channel "JohnMarineTube" for more information.

Disclaimers, and Such...

A few notes...

• All companies represented (Coca-Cola, Ford, Mobil 1, Sparco, Road Atlanta) are registered trademarks of each respective company. All rights reserved.

• This story is completely fiction. Any correlation to the characters, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

With those notes out of the way, that's it for this post.

Summer Speed Series: The Video!

(ADDED: August 3, 2016)

Here is the video I created and released recently! Check it:

^ Coca-Cola Summer Speed Series - Road Atlanta

Variables used:
• 17:00 Start Time (5:00 PM)
• Time: Realtime
• Fuel Consumption: Normal
• Tire Wear: Normal
• Mechanical Failures: Normal
• AI Aggression: Psychotic

I wanted to provide the impression that these were not seasoned racing drivers. Since they weren't fully disciplined, I set the AI aggression to Psychotic. I recorded a few extra bits just to record some of the incidents on track. It took me about a week to do everything from decide on how to pace the video and do all the extra editing to put this video together. This ranged from the graphics to the audio narration.

Now you know about my project. Stay tuned for more when I eventually create a video to be released. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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