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Formula Prototype

John Marine | 10:24 PM |
Formula 1 and sportscar racing- two of the most sophisticated racing disciplines in all of motorsport. This unique idea I had conceptualized is the case of answering questions never asked. It also is a unique racing story of something realistic in racing. What would happen if you could combine both the intensity of Formula 1 and the grueling team-based survival games of sportscar racing with cars that combine elements of both forms of racing? You get the unique Formula Prototype! This blog post introduces you to a most unusual motorsports concept I had in mind.

NOTE: This initial blog post only contains storyline data. This post may be updated with art content to compliment the story. Check for updates.

--- Formula Prototype ---

This section contains a look into the main storyline and some of the different elements of the storyline.


Here are some of my inspirations for this storyline and some of the items involved:

• Formula 1 racing
• sportscar racing
the BAC Mono
• the DW12 IndyCar
• Red Bull X prototypes (like the Red Bull X cars in Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6)

The Story/Background.

One day, there was a debate as to which is the better form of racing- Formula 1 or sportscar racing. Some proclaimed F1 was better with sophisticated technology and exceptional driving talent on some of the world's most challenging courses in lovely locales. Sportscar racing fans argued that sportscar racers are under greatly challenging conditions in long races. Sportscar racing fans even argued that sportscar racing even exemplifies the team aspect more than Formula 1 does. The debate among racing fans would persist in cyberspace for a good while.

Despite the intensity of this argument, the end result was that both forms of racing were amazing in their respective rights. That ended the online arguments for quite some time. This ultimate decision to this debate didn't sit too well with some people, however. So while some people felt F1 and sportscar racing needed to battle each other head-on to determine the better of the two categories of racing, a unique idea was once pitched- give both F1 fans and sportscar racing fans the best of both worlds! Offer the sophistication and drama of Formula 1 races with the pure performance and grueling intensity of sportscar racing. Provide the best of these worlds with racing machines that combined the best aspects of Formula 1 race cars along with the best aspects of sportscar racing prototypes. Build cars that combined both features while also merging the two forms of racing into a unique series. You could even say these can be like Formula 1 race cars with lights and bodywork similar to most modern open-top sportscar racing prototypes.

The marriage of both of these categories of motorsport would become a unique new series. It would be a racing series that will be its own World Championship of racing goodness featuring two of the toughest forms of racing. This series would come to be known as...

Formula Prototype!

Upon the announcement of this concept, some of the world's finest racing teams agreed to partake in this series by building race cars up to the specifications of Formula Prototype while also finding some of the finest racing drivers in the world to push these cars (and themselves) to the limit in becoming World Champion and even Constructors' Champion of Formula Prototype. World-renowned manufacturers, illustrious racing constructors, and even a handful of underdog and independent teams all put together money and resources to become champion of this series that merges F1 racing and sportscar racing.

Only those who wanted the challenge and drama of Formula 1 racing with the intensity and scary performance of sportscar racing need only apply. Race constructors were challenged to build race cars that combined the sophistication of Formula 1 with the intense performance and durability of sportscar racing prototypes. Races could last as long as an F1 Grand Prix and as long as some of the greatest sportscar racing endurances. Drivers have to endure for the length of a standard F1 Grand Prix while also having to make driver changes. Events take place around the world with a combination of typical F1 Grands Prix and usual sportscar racing endurances. Unlike in sportscar racing where there are prototypes and GT cars, Formula Prototype races feature ONLY the main Formula Prototype machines and no other racing machines on the track.

Who will win this Formula Prototype World Championship featuring these unique racing machines and drivers talented enough to pilot them? Only time will tell...

And that is the story of Formula Prototype.

--- Formula Prototype: Extra Commentary ---

As much as I would like to maybe make this about something completely futuristic, this concept is basically based on today's realm of Formula 1 and sportscar racing. I didn't come up with "Formula Prototype" on something futuristic, like F-Zero, Xtreme G, WipEout, Quantum Redshift, Fatal Inertia, or any other futuristic racing environment. Even the various venues are meant to be current. So nothing along the lines of multi-lane roads, stunt loops, anti-gravity roads, or anything like that are part of Formula Prototype. And also, NOTHING in the way of cars equipped with weapons or any sort of vehicular combat as part of Formula Prototype. This concept is only futuristic in the sense that elements of today's F1 racing and today's sportscar racing machines. To give you an idea, think of a modern F1 car with all of its sophistication with the technology and the performance and sophistication of some of today's sportscar racing machines like the Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro or the Toyota TS040 Hybrid. This was meant to be a conceptual, yet realistic form of racing. What would be surreal is if something like this actually comes across in our lifetime and that we're talking about real races here.

In case you're wondering, the head honcho and sanctioning body behind this Formula Prototype concept I put together are supposed to be a parody of Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone and a parody of the FIA (Federacion International d' Automobile).

That is my little story here.

Remember that I may edit this post or make extra posts to help further extend the storyline. So be sure to check for updates. Usually look for "UPDATED: (some date)" at the top of posts. Be sure to let me know what you think about what I put into my posts on here or in any of my other blogs. Until next time, thank you for reading!

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