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My Minecraft Pictures

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Minecraft allows for creation of worlds and art or an intense game of survival. No matter what, Minecraft is one of the finest games today. Most of my Minecraft experience is through Creative play. That means you can take the world, reshape it any way you like, and make almost anything your heart desires. I want to share some of my own creations as I have mostly been playing around with the PC version of Minecraft recently. Here, you will get a chance to see some of my creations and how I am shaping the Minecraft world to my own.


This post, like many of my others, may be updated regularly to reflect new changes. The pictures showcased here may be old and represent certain past versions of Minecraft. Some of the pictures were taken as I was developing my Minecraft worlds. Most of the featured locales represent differing levels of development of my Minecraft worlds. For example, there may be more buildings and features now in the worlds I've worked on now compared to what I created at the time of the featured pictures. Keep these things in mind as you view these pictures of mine.

--- My Minecraft Pictures ---

The creations you will see in my blog post here originate from my Minecraft photo album on Facebook. If you want to view my entire Minecraft album, links to my album will be provided within the captions of each picture. In fact, visit this link now to see my entire album:

my Minecraft album on Facebook

A Brief Look at my Minecraft Creations.

When I set out to modify my Minecraft worlds, I do so in the spirit of making RPG-type worlds with various cities and other structures. I mostly believe in modern-type cities while also mixing in some medieval style structures. Kind of think of my world creation more like the Final Fantasy series. What you will see in my blog post here is some of my many different creations through four different versions of Minecraft.

City Philosophy: General.

Because I am such a city person, I enjoy the allure of building cities within Minecraft. Certain points of my Minecraft worlds feature cities. These are locations I set up so that the traveling Minecraft player can find places to rest at and visit outside of the mean world Minecraft can be.
There are three variations of cities in my Minecraft world creations. They consist of:

• Villages - Villages are small and do not have inns to sleep at. You may, however, be fortunate enough to find someone's house or some other structure that may have a bed for you to sleep in.

• Towns - Towns cover more ground and have inns to them. A lot of the buildings aren't usually tall enough or large enough. These are still major locations for the traveling Minecrafter. Some towns may even have watchtowers where one can take a look at the city from atop and even look out elsewhere outside of the town. Some towns may be protected by Iron Golems.

• Cities - Cities cover the most ground and feature some of the biggest buildings and some of the tallest towers. The cities have either an inn and/or a hotel to sleep in. Most cities are noted for unique towers that define the city's skyline. A combination of small buildings and tall buildings populate cities. Since these are major cities, they have some of the fanciest things- including Iron Golems keeping the cities safe at night.

In addition to these cities, I've even created some abandoned cities before. I made abandoned cities that are either destroyed or very quiet.

City Philosophy: Structures.

• To breathe life into each city, the different cities all feature NPC Villagers. You can communicate with the Villagers to acquire items through trading.

• All or most cities have their boundaries defined by fences scattered across each city.

• I initially designed hotels to mostly have a lot of beds. However, I decided to restrict inns and hotels to having up to four beds. In addition to beds, inns and hotels also offer Crafting Tables and Furnaces for crafting on the go. Think of this more like my version of hotels offering free Wi-Fi. :)

• Some cities may have shrines or churches to them. A shrine is mostly basic as a place of worship and knowledge and usually are located either within a city or near any city. A church houses many more people and are a bit fancier in their design.

• Cities may have libraries to them. While you can't check out books or anything, they are certainly there as one of many different facilities as part of a city. Some cities and locations may have rooms or buildings that only have so few books... but may include an Enchanting Table. This is a chance for you to enchant your items.

• You may come across a Brewing place in some cities. These facilities allow you to craft various potions. Each Brewing building has a Brewing Station as well as cauldrons filled with water.

• Some cities may have buildings or rooms with an anvil. These anvils can be used to repair or modify enchanted items.

• Most cities have fields and fenced properties featuring both farmland and even passive mob animals. For the safety of the animals, the fenced sections have torches around them.

I hope you get to enjoy my work. Go to the next section to see my pictures and to get my commentary.

--- My Minecraft Pictures: A Photo Journal ---

Allow me to share with you some of my Minecraft experiences through pictures.

Minecraft Classic.

This was my first Minecraft image of any kind:

Minecraft Classic
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - The first structure I've ever designed in any session of Minecraft.

The sad story about my Minecraft experience is that I have been unable for the longest to play Minecraft on my PC. So my first experiences had to come from Minecraft Classic. This is a browser-based version of Minecraft that I got to experience a long time ago. I had to change a number of settings to get Minecraft Classic to run smoothly on my PC.

Minecraft Pocket Edition.

When my PC was still unable to play PC Minecraft, I ended up getting Minecraft for my Android devices. Minecraft Pocket Edition is available for both iOS and Android devices. It has most of what PC Minecraft offers. However, PC Minecraft is much more deeper and detailed than MCPE. I still had my fine share of fun with MCPE. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I can provide of my MCPE experience, and this picture wasn't even taken with my Android device:

Minecraft Pocket Edition world layout
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This chunk map shows a general layout of my Minecraft world I created in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Minecraft Console Version.

It used to be that the console version of Minecraft was exclusively for the Microsoft XBOX 360. 4J Studios is the studio behind taking Minecraft's incredible appeal from the PC version to a console-friendly version. It took a while, but Minecraft finally found its way to the Sony PlayStation 3 after hearing so long that it would eventually make it onto the PS3. I finally bought the Minecraft PS3 version when I had the funds to get the full version. I was not disappointed. As of this blog post, it was long reported that Minecraft will also be available for the Microsoft XBOX One and the Sony PlayStation 4. This is where I have had the most Minecraft experience. Through my time, I reshaped my Minecraft world (called "Adelphi") and tried to populate as much of that world as possible. What you will see in this part of this blog post is my Minecraft PS3 experience in pictures.

The version here is the PlayStation 3 version.

Minecraft Console Forest Temple
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This is the Forest Temple in my Minecraft world. As part of this world's storyline, it is the first temple the main character must visit.

Minecraft Console Empira Day
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - The City of Empira is one of the major cities in my PS3 Minecraft world. Part of its inspiration comes from New York City, which is an obvious inspiration considering the name "Empira."

Minecraft Console Empira Hotel
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This is the hotel in Empira. What makes this place different from most other hotels I created is that this one has a ladder going up to rooms as opposed to a flight of stairs. To be more efficient in designing buildings that can actually be explored, I started to adopt making buildings with ladders to go up as opposed to stairs.

Minecraft Console Home Village Church
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - The church in Home Village is here.

Minecraft Console Observation Tower
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - Created at the geographic center of my Minecraft world, this Observation Tower was created. The actual midpoint of this tower is marked with a Glowstone block when you enter this tower. From the top of this tower, you can look out at the rest of the world.

Minecraft Console Desert Town
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This is a town built in a desert setting.

Minecraft Console Bayside
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This is the City of Bayside. My inspiration for this city was San Francisco, but it also has some inspiration of Kuala Lumpur with the twin towers in the backdrop. Bayside consists of two sides- West and East. The majority of this picture showcases East Bayside.

Minecraft Console Bayside Towers
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - These are the Bayside Towers. Initially, I thought of a design similar to the Umeda Sky Garden in Osaka, Japan. Instead, I modeled these somewhat after the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Minecraft Console Nether Tower
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - In the mountainous northern reaches of my Minecraft world, this Nether Tower exists. Inside this tower is a portal that takes you to The Nether.

Minecraft Console Water Shrine
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - On its own island and covered in moss and sugar canes, this is the Water Shrine. The story of the Water Shrine is that while various cataclysms impacted the world during the earliest times of humanity, it was faith that kept this shrine from being destroyed. This shrine remains standing and is sturdy despite being decayed and smelling bad.

Minecraft Console Jungle Town
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This town is based around a jungle. It is a great distance away from the City of Empira.

Minecraft PC.

Even though I bought a gift card to play Minecraft PC back in June 2013, I was NEVER able to play Minecraft PC on my old computer. It wasn't until I bought a new computer to where I finally got to play what I've been trying to play for almost a full year. When I finally got to play PC Minecraft, I delved right in and tried to give myself experience. I started to explore my continually expanding world as I tried to explore the vast reaches of my Minecraft world. In the process, the world just got bigger and bigger. I tried populating my world with many different structures and cities. This section marks some of the many different experiences (all Creative) in my Minecraft experience. What experiences do I have to share with you all? Take a look at these pictures I've posted:

Minecraft PC Town of Kessington
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This is the Town of Kessington. It is the closest city to the spawn point of my Minecraft world. It is also the first city I've created in my Creative Minecraft PC world.

Minecraft PC Saffiyah Tower
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This tower is Saffiyah Tower. It is a tower built atop a stone mountain and serves as a place of worship. It previously had a Beacon atop it to mark its location.

Minecraft PC Iron Golem
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This is an Iron Golem going around the Town of Kessington. These Iron Golems are most useful at night as they help defend NPC Villages from zombie sieges.

Minecraft PC iron golem flower
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - Iron Golems can be gentlemen, evidence shown here as this Iron Golem offers a poppy. I read the inspiration for Iron Golems offering poppies stems from the anime movie "Laputa Castle in the Sky."

Minecraft PC flower forest
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - Flower Forest biomes in Minecraft can be absolutely beautiful. Many different flowers ranging from tulips to peonies to rose bushes dot certain Flower Forests.

- Town of Aquila
Minecraft PC Town of Aquila
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This is the Town of Aquila. It is a town built in a Flower Forest. The walled structure with the Emerald blocks was initially designed to be a cemetary. Instead, it is an indoor park called Enlightenment Park.

Minecraft PC busy streets
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - NPC Villagers fill up the streets of one of my world's major cities.

Minecraft PC Flower Temple
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This is the Flower Temple in my Minecraft world. This temple was designed to maintain beauty and harmony and is situated midway between the Town of Kessington and the Town of Aquila. It is actually closer to Aquila than Kessington.

Minecraft PC Nether
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This picture shares my first Minecraft PC visit to The Nether.

Minecraft PC Village of Mica
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - The Village of Mica was created in an open plains space surrounded by a Roofed Forest.

Minecraft PC City of Ednita
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This is the city of Ednita- a city that surrounds a circular beachfront. This is the view from the Coastal Shrine of my Minecraft world.

Minecraft PC NYC City
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - New York City was the inspiration for this city in my Minecraft world. It is the only city I've created that has both Cobblestone roads and stone brick sidewalks. Sadly, I haven't named this city anything, and I don't want to use "Empira" for it even though it would be appropriate for this city.

Minecraft PC Rhodes Tower
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This is Rhodes Tower in my NYC-inspired city. It is the tallest building in the city and one of few towers I've created in any Minecraft that is 15 stories or more in height.

Minecraft PC Town of Chasity View
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - The suburban Town of Chasity provides this view of my NYC-inspired city.

Minecraft PC Town of Trenita
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - When I found Swampland in my Minecraft world, I went ahead and built this town. This is the Town of Trenita- a swampland town. All the buildings were constructed from jungle wood. Empira from my PS3 Minecraft world was built in a biome sort of like swampland. So Trenita is similarly built on swampland, only Trenita is not a major city.

Minecraft PC Town of Trenita Overhead
^ from: (my Minecraft album on Facebook) - This is an overhead view of Trenita. The building with the Diamond blocks on its roof is the Swamp Shrine.

And that concludes my blog post.

What do you think about my pictures? If you want to learn more about Minecraft, visit the offical homepage of Minecraft by going to www.minecraft.net. For more pictures of my Minecraft experiences that I couldn't show you here in this blog post, visit my Minecraft album on Facebook.

Just because I haven't made this blog more active doesn't mean I've necessarily disregarded it. I just haven't made too much content to keep it going. I still want this blog to be something special. Make sure you're Subscribed and Followed to this blog to keep up with all of my content. I thank all of you for helping contribute to this blog's success. Or at least... contributing to the potential for this blog to be successful. Thank you for reading!

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