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My 4th Voxel People Set

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More MagicaVoxel voxel people were created by me. This is the fourth set of basic characters I've created. I continue to enjoy making these models mostly for fun. They are just basic models for the most part, but they have personalities outside of their blocky appearance. I do posts like this to showcase my content while also having fun telling you about each such character. Welcome to another post here on "John's Creative Space"- the blogging space showcasing my creative works.

--- My 4th Character Set ---

Meet my latest set of characters with three views of my latest voxel people in one picture:

4th set MagicaVoxel voxel people
^ This is the fourth set of regular characters I've created.

Let me talk about the characters you've noticed in this post.

Creating the Characters.

There is nothing real special for me to mention about this set of characters.

Purpose of the Characters.

The characters all are to populate a number of scenes which I hope to create in the future. Each character I created is just a standard set of voxel assets I created for which to be used in a variety of media projects. None of these characters have any specific names. In fact, I named them according to the order I created them. That same order explains which character appears before another from left to right. So with this said, you can see I created the Goth male first followed by the rest of the characters in this set.

Even though this set of characters is based on the second variation model (the faceless heads), the main model which all of these characters is based on is not included in this set.

Explaining the Characters.

Now that you've read everything about the creation of these characters, it is now time for me to introduce you to this new set of characters. Each description with each bullet will be a basic introduction of each character I created. The order of each featured character is from left to right. Here is an introduction to each character.

• 1.) Helpful Staff
The young lady here is available to help you when at a store, the bank, or any other such business. When I first featured her in a development picture, she was a blonde. I since changed her to a brunette.

• 2.) Cool Dude
Here is a guy who wears an opened button-down shirt with a T-shirt underneath, a pair of dark jeans, and some black shoes.

• 3.) Country Girl
Here is a girl immaculate in her plaid shirt, a T-shirt, cuffed denim short-shorts, and cowboy boots. She's the kind of girl great for scenes like being in country settings or in desert settings.

• 4.) Va Va Voom!
This is a blonde sporting a sexy chic look. She wears a black bralette, a black high-waist pencil skirt, and red high-heel pumps. She also wears a set of bracelets on both wrists. She is a chic woman who is at least 21 years old.

• 5.) Cool Customer
The first Asian male I've created is this Vietnamese fellow dressed very cool. He wears a simple black T-shirt and a classy pair of gray pants along with some dress shoes.

• 6.) Nobody's Angel
Here is a tough blonde who has tattoos on both of her upper arms. Despite her toughness, she has some girly style. She wears a dark blue camisole, crimson jeans, and some brown work boots.

• 7.) Outdoors Type
Wearing a gray T-shirt and tan cargo shorts, this guy is either a casual fellow enjoying a lazy day or an outdoor sports person. Either way, he is a fairly cool and casual person.

• 8.) Distance Male
As a compliment to the running woman of the previous character set, the fellow here is a sporty male. Primarily, he is a male runner. This guy wears a light blue sleeveless top, some black active shorts, and gray running shoes.

• 9.) Schoolgirl
Here is a girl between the ages of 14 and 25 who wears a school uniform. She wears a blouse, a navy blue sweater vest, a pleated skirt, tall white socks, and some black pumps.

And that explains each of my characters in this new set. In case you want a complete collection of characters I've created so far, I created this picture:

MagicaVoxel voxel people all sets
^ All sets of characters I've created in one picture, most recent set up front.

Another JCS post is done. Hope you enjoyed this one.

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