Monday, November 10, 2014

Creativity With Music

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Throughout my life, I've always appreciated music as much as I've appreciated art. Music is a creative outlet to exhibit expression. There are a number of ways to showcase your musical talent ranging from live performances to computer performances. In today's market, the most popular program for which to produce music is FL Studio. Even if you haven't the money to get a more proper experience in making music with FL Studio, you have many different options ranging from commercial programs to competent freeware and open-source programs.

This blog post is a commentary piece regarding creativity with music.

Creative Aspects of Music.

For people who really care about music, each beat and each instrument have meaning to them. Putting every musical element together is quite the balancing act. You want everything to fall into place and be structured properly. Otherwise, you'd have a hot mess of sounds. Songs themselves have to have a sort of collective flow that have both meaning and purpose. I, for one, think life has its own soundtrack; and almost every moment has a song- even if it's silence.

Being creative with music gets a bit more difficult if you are engaged with vocals. Adding your voice to music can either make or break songs. This is where the music made has to be combined seamlessly with the music to make something special.

The Online Factor.

Many people online share their material through a number of different services. Two of the most popular services online are Soundcloud and Bandcamp. I am personally considering Bandcamp to showcase some of my own music while hopefully making some profit for my work. As for sharing music, people usually post their material on sites such as, CD Baby, and of course- iTunes.

Some of My Own Work.

"John's Creative Space" is my own outlet to showcase my own material. Having said this, I made two sample songs on YouTube using the free program Linux MultiMedia Studio. These are fairly quick and weren't meant to be proper songs. Have a listen to these two loops I created (or click on the below links to view on YouTube):

^ "Sample Hip Hop Loop Using LMMS"

^ "Sample Trance Loop with LMMS"

As of this post, I have made a song a long time ago that I recently released on YouTube. You'll get to hear that here on JCS in the near future. So stay tuned to JCS for that.

Thank you for checking out my blog post regarding creativity in music. I hope you have enjoyed my commentary here. Thank you for reading!

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