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My 5th Voxel People Set

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My 5th set of MagicaVoxel voxel people was recently put together. And unlike the past ones I've shared, I tried some radical new designs and introduced a variation to the main character model- a new wide-bodied version of my main human model. If you've seen my previous posts similar to this topic, then you know what posts like this are all about. If not, then you'll get an idea of the characters I created for fun. Welcome to the creative works space of my blogging universe- "John's Creative Space!"

--- My 5th Character Set ---

Take a look at my latest set of characters:

5th set MagicaVoxel voxel people
^ Unlike previous sets, this 5th set of characters consist of a new variation to the

Get to know my new set of characters. Read on.

Creating the Characters.

Unlike the previous four sets I shared prior to this one, there are two main highlights: a new wide-bodied character and the addition of glasses to the faceless heads. This set has a good bit more personality than some of the other character sets I created. I even had a knack of creating a model with a traditional sort of outfit.

As a special note, I had created two extra characters- two children models to this set. However, I decided NOT to feature those children models among my pack of "adult" characters. You may see a set consisting of these shorter models in a future post or in a future set of pictures.

Purpose of the Characters.

The characters all are to populate a number of scenes which I hope to create in the future. Each character I created is just a standard set of voxel assets I created for which to be used in a variety of media projects. None of these characters have any specific names. In fact, I named them according to the order I created them. That same order explains which character appears before another from left to right. So with this said, you can see I created the Goth male first followed by the rest of the characters in this set.

Even though this set of characters is based on the second variation model (the faceless heads), the main model which all of these characters is based on is not included in this set.

Explaining the Characters.

Meet my most recent set of characters:

• 1.) Music Festival Girl
When I created my basic human character, I imagined all sorts of possibilities to customize and create new characters from just one model. One such aspect was in trying a different style of footwear- gladiator sandals. I am NOT fond of gladiator sandals in the least bit. Well... some are forgivable. Anyhow, this blonde model sports a pair of gladiator sandals, some high-waist denim jean short-shorts, and a cropped top. She is a girl who would probably between the ages of 16 and 23.

• 2.) Biker Dude
You only live once, or "YOLO" in today's Internet culture. This guy believes in enjoying life while you're still around. This character is the first character I designed with facial hair. He is at least 40 years old with gray hair on his beard and with his receding hairline. Besides his facial and head features, he wears faded jeans, motorcycle boots, and a leather biker jacket. He also wears a pair of sunglasses.

• 3.) Classy Office Girl
Somewhere 18 years of age or older is this classy-dressed young lady. She wears a black sweater vest over a white blouse. She also wears dark gray dress pants and black pumps.

• 4.) Large and in Charge!
Meet the first wide-bodied character I've created! This person is a wide-bodied ladies man. His head was modified for a more unique look. He wears sunglasses as part of his head features. He wears a mauve sport jacket, a gold watch, a purple button-down shirt, camel dress pants, and brown dress shoes. He's dressed to win the hearts of women.

• 5.) Curvy Cutie
From the first wide-body male character, meet the first wide-body female character. Here is a cute curvy girl somewhere between ages 18 and 25. I experimented on another design element- basic sandals. The flip-flop/thong sandals this girl wears are platforms. She wears a ringer T-shirt, neon bracelets on both wrists, and some dark flare-leg jeans. Her hair has plum highlights up front.

• 6.) Ao Dai
The outfit worn on this young Vietnamese woman is an Ao Dai. This traditional Vietnamese outfit consists of a very long tunic worn over a pair of pants. She wears a light pink Ao Dai with white pants and dark pink pumps.

• 7.) Helpful Male
This character is, for all intents and purposes, a male version of the "Helpful Staff" young woman from the 4th voxel people set.

• 8.) Secret Agent
This male character wears a long red shirt, gray pants, and red shoes. The obvious inspiration for this character is Albatross- the protagonist of the classic NAMCO game "Rolling Thunder."

• 9.) Goth Girl
This young adolescent wears a dress that is black and plum. She also wears a pair of lace-up booties. Those lace-up booties resemble the famous Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties many fashionable females love. Just like the Goth Male, this Goth girl has red highlights in her hair up front.

And that explains each of my characters in this new set. Another JCS post is done. Hope you enjoyed this one.

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