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Top Diva

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(UPDATED: November 25, 2014)

I am pleased to finally showcase one of my unique ideas or series! A concept I had in mind back in 2008 was called "Top Diva"- an all-female fighting tournament. It was a game concept I had long ago. I had drawn one picture of one character from the series, but other than that, I never formally introduced this concept... until now. What you are about to read here represents this concept I had. I'll share with you characters and some insight on this entire deal.

NOTE: As part of this initial blog post, only information on the storyline and a brief introduction to some of the various characters will be provided. Edits to this post may include more pictures and more content.

Content produced would be (and could be) featured in individual blog posts.

About the Label: "Top Diva"

Posts in this series relate to my "Top Diva" story. This was a fighting game concept I had stemming back to about 2008. The fighting game never materialized. Despite this, there is still a good amount of story to be told with this title. All posts relating to this original series will be featured in posts under the "Top Diva" label.

Basic Information:

Suggested Audience: Teenagers and older
Descriptors: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Content, Suggestive Themes, Violence


NOV 25 2014 - added extra insight on the creation of this concept

--- Introducing "Top Diva" ---

Here is a look at this series...

"Top Diva" was a fighting game concept I had inspired mostly by all-female fighting game series such as Asuka 120% and the Variable Geo series. It is a fighting tournament more in the sense of the Street Fighter games more than the ever-popular mixed-martial arts fighting of today. "Top Diva" and its storyline branches out in many different ways.

(edited: November 25, 2014) The concept was to be a set of characters as well as stages made with the very popular PC fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N.. I only went as far as to mostly create some here-and-there bitmaps of certain characters as well as plan out palette combinations. No characters or stages from Top Diva were ever successfully created.

Here are more details about my concept...


The fighting inspirations come from various all-female fighting games as well as the Street Fighter series. When I came up with this idea, I wasn't thinking of supernatural powers or anything. I instead wanted this to be more straight up punches and kicks. So you could also say that the Virtua Fighter series is an inspiration. The characters themselves aren't based on any real people. Some of the characters wear certain fashions that I just wanted to showcase the diverse array of characters. The concept of an all-female fighting realm is nothing new if you are aware of game series such as the "Asuka 120%" series and the "Variable Geo" series among others.

To add personality and provide something different, I tried to mix up the different personalities. Some people mostly only focused on making the women as seductive as possible or only focus on what many people would consider attractive women. What I did was try to spread around different personalities. Besides slim and slender women, some of the characters may be curvy women or even petites. Some of the women are total girly-girls in looks and personality, and some others are tomboyish in appearance and personality. You can think of it as stirring the pot and offering loads of diversity.

Considering I am a male who came up with a concept of an all-female story, one would probably think I'd appeal to just about every heterosexual male's fantasies about women. However, I mixed things up. The various personalities represent a broad variety of people instead of only focusing on sexy women or what most people would consider attractive.

As of this initial blog post, I did not have a logo in mind. I may feature it in a future edit.

The General Storyline of "Top Diva."

The tournament known as "Top Diva" basically seeks for some of the strongest women in the world. The age threshold was for females to be between the ages of 18 and 30. Tournaments held showcased women from around the world wanting to have a chance at becoming the Grand Champion. Women who competed in this tournament competed hard. Many didn't make the final cut but still enjoyed their experience to the fullest. Some others, however, felt jealous of the finalists and formed certain factions and gangs to attack the eventual finalists of each Top Diva tournament. Everyone who competed in the tournament risked and sacrificed many things to realize the goal of becoming champion of the tournament- including their health, their jobs, their friends and family, and even their relationships and motherhood.

Because this was mostly a game concept, there is no real "winner" of any of the tournaments. It was mostly designed for the player to determine who was the best by picking someone and beating the others in the tournament.

Especially for the first tournament, I had thought of certain boss characters that aided in trying to sabotage the tournaments.

Time now to get into the main stories.

--- Top Diva: Stories and Characters ---

Because I had many different layers of ideas, this garnered a number of different stories. You are now learning the storylines to each concept I thought of. Elements from this blog post may show up in future posts with more detailed content.

Here is a look at the main characters. This is conceptual artwork that may or may not represent any sort of final product or serious product:

Top Diva
^ These are the characters that comprise the first tournament of Top Diva. The front eight characters are the main characters as well as the main protagonists. NOTE: This image may or may not represent any sort of final product based on these characters.

Voxel models made using MagicaVoxel. My latest posts featuring MagicaVoxel content: "MagicaVoxel" posts on John's Creative Space.

Top Diva: Basic Story.

In the Summer of 2008, a new reality TV fighting tournament was created by Tommy Kenny Owens (also known as TKO), a former mixed-martial arts (MMA) champion. Rather than market up-and-coming male fighters, he decided to devote a tournament to female contenders, namely with the success of his sister. The championship would be a fighting showcase while also being a melting pot of various cultures and personalities. Only eight of the most unique women between the ages of 18 and 30 competed among themselves for the honor of "Top Diva." The winner of this tournament would achieve "unworldly fame." This "unworldly fame" comes in the form of a beautiful mansion in San Francisco, CA, USA. She would win over a million dollars, a luxury car and a sports car in her favorite color, and of course... the honor of "Top Diva."

Separate tournaments were held worldwide for various women to qualify for the tournament. Those who qualified successfully would compete in New York City to eventually determine eight finalists. Those eight finalists would be invited to compete in the Top Diva tournament in Los Angeles. The tournament allowed for each finalist to compete against the other finalists. Losing a match didn't exactly signal elimination. Instead, eliminations were based on performance. Those who performed the poorest in their battles would be eliminated. The finale will pit the two finest of the Top Diva contenders until one reigned supreme to become Top Diva.

Top Diva: Finalist Characters.

After all the qualifying, eight finalists emerged as the best of the best:

• A.J. Garcia - a college student from Manhattan, NY, USA.
• Candy Love - a go-go dancer from Houston, TX, USA.
• Lydia Odelia Vasquez Escobar (LOVE) - a rhumba instructor and fitness freak from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
• Suzie LeMarie - a college student and aspiring fashion designer from Paris, France.
• Sandy Gonzales - a lead guitarist and vocalist of an all-girl rock band from Anaheim, CA, USA.
• Tomomi Tsuchiya - a college student and softball player from Tokyo, Japan.
• Keisha "Crazy Legs" Kirkpatrick - a recording artist and dancer from Atlanta, GA, USA.
• Marisol Castillo - a party girl from Ibiza, Spain.

Top Diva: Other Characters.

While the finalists were proud to see their efforts result in being part of this fighting tournament, the non-finalists shared their experiences with friends and family while enjoying their experiences. Many of the women who competed in the qualifiers went back to life as usual; some others felt jealous that they didn't get to be among the eight finalists. An underground movement was established with a series of factions designed specifically to cause enough chaos to intimidate the eight finalists and sabotage the Top Diva tournament. One non-finalist, named Carmel Henderson, became extremely jealous and invested her own interest in going to Los Angeles to sabotage the tournament. Carmel's intentions were to personally challenge the winner of the Top Diva tournament... along with the help of her own faction for backup.

One other non-finalist is aware of the dark plot set up by Carmel Henderson, and she will stop at nothing to bring Carmel to justice and foil her plot. This other non-finalist, Buttercup Bonnet, is a private investigator looking to blow the plot wide open.

When the finalists for Top Diva arrive in Los Angeles to their campus, they are greeted by a woman named Grandmaster Dolores. She teaches the young finalists some lessons in life and in fighting.

Another aspect of the original Top Diva story was in certain boss characters with their own personalities and agendas in sabotaging the Top Diva tournament. Some of the different individual boss-type characters are mostly hired henchwomen of Carmel to aid in sabotaging the tournament.

There were even a few bonus characters that did not play any role in the storyline. I basically came up with a few unique and oddball characters for fun. Maybe they will be featured in the future here in my creative works blog.

In future edits, there will be added material linking you to various aspects of each of the characters. There may also be added pictures to help add to the appeal of this story. That concludes this post on Top Diva.

From the initial blog post, there will be more material regarding this story and this series. That even includes various edits to showcase many of the individual characters. I hope you get to enjoy this deal I've put together. Thank you for reading!

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