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Precious Cargo

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This short story I created involves two teenagers who love each other dearly. For as much as they love each other, one night takes an unusual turn and leads to something that will haunt the two for the rest of their lives- the girl's pregnancy. The lives of two teenagers will change forever thanks to one certain moment where the teen girl is carrying... precious cargo.

Welcome to "John's Creative Space" and my first real attempt at a short story! I am NOT a good formal writer. You are going to see a number of errors in formal writing. Despite this, I will still tell the story as best as I can, to the best of my ability, with the skills I have in story telling.

Information on This Story...

Suggested Audience: Teenagers and older
Concerns: Mild Language, Sexual References

--- Precious Cargo ---

Precious Cargo
^ "Precious Cargo" - a not-so-nice short story about two teenagers in love... and one bearing precious cargo.

This is a story about two teenagers in love. Both of them are 16 years old and are High School Juniors. The story mostly centers around Alissa Fletcher and her boyfriend Sherman Thorpe. These two have known each other since the Sixth Grade and have been friends for a long time. They have done everything from help each other out in school to having fun at the park and in various other fun settings. It was only recently that the two have really fallen in love to the point of considering marriage. Of course, both Alissa and Sherman would rather go through High School and worry about marriage later in their lives.

Even though they want to get married later in their lives, there was a fateful moment that would change the lives of both Alissa and Sherman. One Saturday night, Sherman and Alissa went on a dinner date. The two had fun with their dinner date. Sherman and Alissa would later go to a bowling alley. At a climax of the two having fun, something psychologically sparked between Alissa and Sherman was triggered to where the two became really close to one another while they were having fun together. In a secluded portion of the bowling alley, Sherman and Alissa became romantically engaged to the point of sex. It began with a kiss... and continued gradually towards intercourse. These two innocent, mild-mannered High School students instantly developed romantic interest in one another. The two tried to be as discreet as possible though they were madly in love. Sherman then drove Alissa back to her house as the two separated to study for their classes.

Three to four weeks have now passed...

Alissa began to feel "funny." One thing she became fearful of is being pregnant. That romantic trigger from that fateful weekend may have led to Alissa becoming pregnant. As much as Alissa loves Sherman, and as much as she wants to eventually spend the rest of her life with him, she feels uneasy and nearly laments giving into having intercourse with Sherman. Should Alissa have said no to sex? Should she have snapped out of that trigger to go no further than that kiss? A by-product of her hiding her potential pregnancy was her grades slipping. Having her mind focused more on her her health instead of her schoolwork has led Alissa to perform poorly. She even couldn't perform certain activities during Physical Education class. Fearing she made the biggest mistake of her young life, Alissa decided not to tell anyone that she might be pregnant. That is... until she eventually went to the school nurse. Once she told her story to the nurse, the school nurse called Alissa's parents to discuss the matter. Alissa's father, Steve, became both concerned and furious. Steve and Alissa had a talk to where he became absolutely furious about how Alissa and Sherman engaged in sex and kept everything as discreet as possible. Alissa's mother, Felicia, later came home and heard Steve shouting violently and went immediately to Alissa's room. Steve later told Felicia about the pregnancy situation. It was now both Steve and Felicia disgusted and angered at their daughter Alissa.

What about Sherman? How is he faring in this situation?

Sherman began to show concern for Alissa once he noted that Alissa has not been herself lately since that awkward night of passion. He initially began feeling good that he and Alissa were able to celebrate their love in a passionate way. He found his soul mate and the one who completes him. However, Sherman was not expecting that he could have possibly fathered an unexpected child. That night of passion- even if it was a completely awkward moment- was enough to distract Sherman from his free spirit. His world really turned upside down when Steve called Sherman's mother and father to have a discussion. Sherman's father, David, was upset over him having sex with Alissa. His mother, Alice, also couldn't believe her son having sex with his girlfriend at such a young age.

The alliance between Alissa's parents and Sherman's parents have resulted in both sides becoming angry at their respective children. Outside of punishment for both Alissa and Sherman, the families have at least agreed to go no further and take no further action until a proper pregnancy test was completed.

Alissa and her family visits her family doctor that weekend. Sherman and his family went to the same doctor's office for the possible life-changing results.

Alissa's family discussed with their family doctor about her possible pregnancy. After being asked a number of questions, Alissa became increasingly nervous after everything she has gone through the past few weeks and days. Alissa even remembered a television documentary she watched with the theme of "babies having babies." When she saw that documentary, she was compelled and stunned at how even young teenagers could have their lives changed forever by introducing a child into the world at such young ages. How ironic must it be for a teenage girl stunned at how it is possible to be pregnant at a young age in giving birth... to now have CONTRIBUTED to a statistic of teen pregnancy instead of avoiding becoming a statistic?

Alissa can only hope she isn't pregnant so that she can return to living to the lives most average 16-year old teenage girls live. The pain would be overbearing if she finds out she is indeed pregnant. All Allisa can do is wait for the results of her pregnancy test. What has crossed her mind were all of the various criticism peers will give her and the further tongue lashing her family will give her. She also feels Sherman is confident enough to become a faithful father if the pregnancy test returns positive... or she at least feels Sherman would love to be a father. She feels in her heart that Sherman will be a loving father and will only bring the two lovebirds even closer if the test results confirm Alissa is pregnant.

Here comes the pregnancy test results...

As the results came in, both Alissa and Sherman's respective parents awaited the news. The doctor came out and looked to Alissa's family and said, "after the test results, we can confirm that Alissa... is pregnant." Both families were stunned to learn that one awkward night together between Alissa and Sherman has led to Sherman fathering a baby. Steve and Felicia felt queasy while David and Alice were equally distraught. Both families seemed to want to kill or savagely attack their respective children over this entire matter. However, they know Alissa and Sherman brought this on themselves and decided to do next to nothing to console and comfort the soon-to-be parents. The doctor saw the pain on the faces of the respective mothers and fathers of Alissa and Sherman and decided to talk with the parents in private. The doctor did everything he could to try to calm down the teens' respective parents and make the parents think more rationally about this situation rather than try to incite violence or further psychologically chew out Alissa and Sherman.

Alissa did not know how to feel. She looked at Sherman with loving interest, but Sherman did not know whether to feel happy or upset. Alissa herself wasn't sure to feel happy to become a mother or upset her life as an average teenage girl has come to an end. All it took was one night to completely change the lives of both Alissa and Sherman. After a little thought, Alissa looked to Sherman and smiled. Sherman looked at Alissa and could not contain himself. Thinking that Sherman would be proud to become a father, Alissa's awkward smile quickly turned into fear when she saw Sherman feeling queasy himself. Neither teen was at greater fault- both of them brought this issue on themselves, and both are paying the price. It was then no wonder that both Alissa and Sherman hugged each other crying. The parents eventually came back into the doctor's room after the parents had their lengthy talk with the doctor. When the parents saw Alissa and Sherman hugging each other crying, they checked to see if Alissa and Sherman were alright. This was a much different tone for the parents of their teenage parents-to-be compared to when the news was first given of Alissa's pregnancy. The doctor later wanted to talk with Alissa and Sherman once the two got their sanity back. It was extended duty for the doctor as he offered his calming advice to both Allisa and Sherman after already offering advice to their parents.

Alissa and Sherman both thought about the entire situation differently since learning of Alissa's pregnancy and after being given some counseling from the family doctor. Sherman began to want to take responsibility in becoming a father. He knows a number of his friends will look at him as "the man" for getting a girl pregnant. However, he knows he now has much greater responsibilities and has to attend to a different calling. Sherman didn't let his fatherhood plans get to his head and eventually grew more mature than he has ever been.

At this point of her life, Alissa has experienced a great deal of pain in one day than she has ever experienced all of her young life. Alissa feels she is at a mid-life crisis at only the age of 16. She is at a crossroads in her life and needs to make a decision. Should she continue to become a mother and live out the extent of her pregnancy, or seek abortion to return to her normal life and not have to deal with bringing life into the world at a fairly young age? Whatever decision she makes will forever change the lives of herself and Sherman. Alissa really needs some help...

The End...?

This story has more than one ending! You decide how this story ends! Click on any of the following text to see the different endings to this story:

So which ending do you want this story to have? Click on either text below to view the ending based on how you think the story ends or how you think the story should end:

Ending: Alissa decides to continue to become a mother...
Ending: Alissa decides to get an abortion...

Thank you for reading my story and getting involved!

--- Extra Commentary on "Precious Cargo" ---

My story regarding Alissa and Sherman were mostly inspired by some actual experiences. There were two moments when I saw a girl in High School who was pregnant. One was pregnant in the school I first attended. One other girl already had her child... and was about my age at the time. One of my first true short stories was a bit tough for me to pick out because I don't usually lean towards touchy topics like certain love and sex topics.

Issues Related to This Story.

Teen pregnancy and abortion are two issues mentioned. Many people have their thoughts in regards to both issues. Especially abortion is a hot-button issue. I didn't go into deeper detail in regards to intimacy since I wanted to keep this mostly friendly as possible.

Why the Art to This Story?

I actually intended to make an animation for this story you read, and I was considering trying to make an animation for this story. Maybe in the future, you'll see a video animation of mine acting out some of the key points of this story. You'll see it here in this blog post in an edit if indeed I do create an animation.

Of course... the models were created using MagicaVoxel.

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